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FIDLAR make it super awkward

We first got to see FIDLAR back in 2012 when they supported The Hives at Club 9one9.  These guys are a sea of rad.  Current;y touring in support of the Pixies… they were in Toronto last week.  After their show at the Massey Theatre, it was off to Queen Street West for a DIY style punker show at an indoor half-pipe.  A photographer named Amanda Fotes was there and took some pictures that made me very jealous of all the young and hip scenesters of Toronto.

Look at this!

Then listen to THIS!

Go with yourself.

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shy mirror
I was reading THIS ARTICLE in Spin the other day…and reminding myself that, “yeah, I really like FIDLAR.”

When all of a sudden…. an email bounced in from a band called Shy Mirrors.  Really fuzzy, lo-fi, garagey punk.  Has a pop hookyness to it.

There are a lot of songs I like off their 150 limited press vinyl release Negative Collector…. but this jam kinda reminded me of Alkaline Trio, so it wins.

and FIDLAR is pretty fucking cool too.

Go with yourself.

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The Hives concert down in Club 9one9, by most any account you’ll hear from anyone there…….. pretty much great.  Packed room, energy, beer, Kirsten’s foot getting slashed by some bro.  OK, that wasn’t great and she needed stitches from the hospital.  BUT at the time it happened, Kirsten thought it was punk rock and an exclamation point on the show.  She also seemed to not feel it… which was weird considering her shoe was full of blood.  Good for her.

As amazing as the Hives were, they were par-for-the-course for me.  I expected them to be fun, and they are fun!  Played all the hits, tons of energy, new songs, old song… Can’t ask for more.

The surprise of the night is when a bunch of bros who looked like they walked off the set of Revenge of the Nerds came on stage.  One guy was wearing a Jeff the brotherhood shirt. I knew we’d be friends.

The band is based out of LA and came from Hawaii.  They are called Fidlar.  Track one of the night…

Fidlar – “Cheap Beer”

Download MP3 >> Fidlar – Cheap Beer

OK, you got my attention. After the amazing garagey surfy lo-fi DIY punk set… just fuzzy loud poppy raddness.  I needed to buy some merch.  The boys had 45s… I love 45s, I love $5.  Jason Lamb says these guys will be showing up in a future episode of the Punk Show!


Fidlar – “No Waves”

Download MP3 >> Fidlar – No Waves


Fidlar – “No Ass”

Download MP3 >> Fidlar – No Ass

Hit Fidlar up on the socials….. Facebook, Twitter, Instgram at @fidlar_la.

Go with yourself.

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