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I had a great night at The Clubhouse last night.  Lots of Zoners came by to make request, jibber jabber about rock and roll, have birthdays, not say hi to me, and one even told how much , “she LOVES me.”  Apparently I make her laugh every morning when she wakes up.  SWA?

Anyways, thank you for coming out on a Tuesday.

Let’s go.


Please Download: Capital Rock City #53

and remember kids, when you subscribe to Capital Rock City from the iTunes store in the podcast section (for free) or RSS this audio dynomo, Jian Ghomeshi gets to have Billy Bob berate him for another minute (lucky guy).

DJ Notes:

01) Aegis Fang – “Foot Down”
02) Aegis Fang – “Small Town”
03) Orange Aeroplane – “Begin Again”
04) Orange Aeroplane – “The Getaway”
05) Fineas Gage – “Track 1”
06) Greg Wolfe – “Maybe Not For Sure Sometimes”

Aegis Fang are a couple might groovy fella’s who are part of the Zone’s Amalgamated Team Zone 24 Hour Relay for The Kids… Team. (psst, click the link and please donate a couple nickles… pretty please).  The boys in Aegis Fang are performing Thursday, April 16th at The Cambie in Esquimalt.  I’ll see you there!

Orange Aeroplane is very new to me.  I can’t even find their website online right now… but Miranda of The Paper Cranes like them and she turned me onto the band, so they are good by me.  Very interesting airy, melodic “indie” rock sound.

Fineas Gage are a few (or all) of the ladies from an old Vic band called Big Muff.  They kinda sound like Veruca Salt.. kinda sorta… don’t they?

Greg Wolfe is another new performer.  From what I can gather, it seems like Greg is still getting his songs crafted and working on building his career.  He was brave enough to share a song with us on Capital Rock City and I think it sounds pretty good.  Folky.

That’s all I got.  Thank you for downloading… if you like the show please share the link or my blog with a friend.

Go with yourself.


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