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Trying really hard to not throw more shit on my VISA. It all adds up…t-shirts, concert tickets, songs from iTunes, parking, bridge tools, I bought a book yesterday! But c’mon! New Beach Slang pre-order is so pretty and just $20 (US dollars, but whatever).

And for my homeboy Tyson…yes they have a cassette option for $8.


In other news…. I am obsessed with JEFF The Brotherhood‘s “Idiot.”


What else is going on….I gotta get an Ellice Blackout thing up for you sometime.

I miss Friday nights. Like the vibe. The energy. Getting paid, then rolling hot.

Go with yourself.


So you’re going to the Pacific National Exhibition and you just don’t have time to mess around. I feel you.  Here are the three best things to eat at the 2016 PNE.

01) The Legendary Pickle Dog from Chicky’s Chicken. It’s a hot dog, in a pickle, then corn dogged. I enjoy mine with mustard, the kid likes it with ketchup.

#PickleDog! #PNE @pne_playland

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02) The Fat Elvis from Rocky Point Ice Cream. It’s chocolate ice cream, banana, peanut butter, jam all smushed in a brioche bun and grilled. Messy. Good.

Thanks for a great pic of the #fatelvis @frenglish_guy ! Hope you enjoyed it🙂

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03) Delicious beer from the Craft Beer Fest. All that walking and show home viewing will make you thirsty. Visit the Craft Beer Festival for a tasty beer brewed right here in British Columbia.

Lately my favourite beer has been from Richmond’s Fuggles & Warlock. D&D fantastical branding, yummy Strawberry Wit.

Fuggles & Warlock are pouring at the craft beer fest at PNE/Playland till 8pm! #fuglife #keepingbeerweird

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The next BEST time to hit the PNE will be Tuesday, August 30th for Monster Truck.

And now, here’s a picture of The Sheepdog who played the CFOX presents show on the 23rd.

Go with yourself.

empire of the sun

Aussie alt-electro poppers Empire of the Sun have a new record out on October 28th called Two Vines.

Here’s a quote from the press release.

“There was an image we talked about very early on with this record, before we wrote the title track, Two Vines, and that was this image of a modern city overtaken by jungle, almost like mother nature taking back the planet,” says Nicholas Littlemore, the co-pilot with Luke Steele of this fantastic vessel of electro-futurist sound and vision. “All the buildings will turn back to sand. All it will be is nature again. We wanted to make something that reflected the beauty of that.”

Empire recorded the new album in Los Angeles and Hawaii.

“Going to Hawaii to record was the best idea,” said Luke. No shit.

Our first listen is “High and Low.”

Yeah I think this song will be going into heavy rotation at my DJ sets at Match Pub and on the driving iPhone playlists.

Go with yourself.


Stilling hanging out on Staycation around Vancouver…kinda. DJing at the Starlight Casino this weekend still and picked up another gig supporting Daniel Wesley when he does a free patio show at the Match Eatery and Public House in Langley.

Still poking in on my new music emails….and an email from Metallica’s people caught my eye. Hardwired….to Self Destruct, their first record since 2008’s Death Magnetic will be out on November 18th.

The first single is “Hardwired.”  Being a legendary band adds a little more challenge to new music. You’re not only taking on all the other bands putting out music, you also take on yourself. All the music you’ve put out. Where does “hardwired” fit in the pantheon of Metallica greatness? Does it even fit in? The song is fun, but personally I just can’t relate to 50-something multi-millionaires. I can still throw down Kill ’em All and James Hetfield is singing about my world. This song isn’t speaking to me. But it is a fun Metallica jam. A 3 minute new rock blaster.


It is hot as heck in Vancouver right now. We went for a drive out to Brandywine Falls and at one point our thermometer read 35 degrees!


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Probably not safe. 🚂

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Go with yourself.


Matt Goud and his band Northcote have a couple great videos bouncing around right now. I am loving this cover of The Tragically Hip’s “Springtime in Vienna.

The band also recorded a video for WANTED! Live in Toronto. This is their song “Bracelet.”

Northcote will be at Legends Fest in Lake Cowichan on August 27th.

Top photo from Northcote’s Facebook: “Photo from Oshawa, ON. One of my favourite shows of the summer.”


OK, back to being on Staycation….took the week off at CFOX to hang out in Coquitlam. Went hiking at Buntzen Lake today. Then burgers, then I checked my bazillion emails for this blog and the Northcote stood out as I love these guys and wanted to get it up on the blog.

Go with yourself.

Storm Crow

Last week, Taylor invited be to the Storm Crow Alehouse on Broadway to hang out with her and Stark.

We chat about the crazy puzzle game on the back of the Storm Crow coaster, nerds, Dungeons and Dragons, Stranger Things, my controversial hot take on James Corden.  Good times!

Go with yourself.


friend-of-the-show Nicole sent me over this editorial form AV Club. They’re doing 1996 week on that website and they had a story about how 1996 was the year alternative music died.

A lot of good points sure. Did I buy that Seven Mary Three record? You can bet your ripped jeans and No Fear shirt I did!

The article is slagging on the songs and times of 96 in alt rock but that was also when i was 16 and soaking up a ton of mainstream rock from 99.3 CFOX in Vancouver. I can’t hate all those song. They mentioned REM’s New Adventures in Hi-Fi…I remember when it came out, I remember LOVING all things REM back then and I had that album.  Sounds ;like I was one of the few who bought it!

Being 16 in 1996 and working at a Subway, I listened to a ton of radio. I’d get into the singles and back then, you’d have to buy the album. Since I also had a job, I could afford a weekly or bi-weekly trip to the Music World in the Lougheed Mall and I bought all the stuff I liked based off a song or two. This album was one of those picks. And I’d wear it out in my SONY discman laying in bed.

“E-Bow The Letter” was the jam and thank you to AV Club (and Nicole!) for putting it back in my head 20 years later.

Go with yourself.


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