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One more, before I pop the blog for the long weekend. The Bourgeois are from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I saw the song title for their song “Summer of George” and had to hit play.

Love the dark, moody, heavy guitar driven track. Some fine hard modern rock that leans on grunge. Reminds me of the kind of music I grew up with which makes sense as the music was produced and mixed by guys that have worked with The Smashing Pumpkins and Placebo.

Here’s a quick little bio form their press:

Zach Mobley and Ty Clark grew up in the bowels of rural Oklahoma and dealt with the oppression of the Bible-Belt in different ways.  Zach (guitar/vocals) spent most of his adolescence holed up listening to punk rock and plotting his escape.  Ty (drums) also took solace in music but fell victim to the opioid epidemic that plagued his community.

After a stint in one of the state’s many overcrowded and underfunded prisons, Ty reclaimed control of his life and responded to an ad placed by Zach.  The two quickly realized they shared similar tastes in music and a similar distaste for the hypocrisy surrounding them.  Another small town pariah, Vance Young (bass), was added later to complete the lineup.

The band says this about the song, “a dark look at how the hope and optimism that accompany summer can quickly be replaced by laziness and apathy.”

Go with yourself.


New jam from Major Lazer features Justin Bieber so you know it’s gunna be red hot. My soundcloud feed is already overrun with remixes but the guy who consistently stands out is German producer Koni. He traditionally re-cuts the song with different vocals and puts it back together a bright cloud house song.


There was a story the other day in Vancouver of some quirky fellow who did an engagement shoot with a cardboard cut out his fiance who is currently in Taiwan.

His name is Ryan and her name is Phoebe.

When I searched Ryan Phoebe into google I stumbled upon a pop star named Phoebe Ryan and found myself falling down the rabbit whole reading this story in Vanity Fair.

I thought, huh, she sounds neat. Clicked to wikipedia and saw she did a song with Skizzy Mars!

And here’s Skizzy showing up on a Phoebe Ryan song that has been remixed and listened to a whole bunch of times.

She has a newish sugar pop song called “Dollar Bills.” I like Las Vegas too Phoebe.


#pokemongo 📹 @hkorpak

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Alma is a Finnish singer I stumbled on last week. I’ve really been enjoying her song “Karma.”


One more from my Minnesota blogger best friend Ruth…some happy house music.

Artist is Chris Malinchak from New York City.

Happy Friday! It’s a Long Weekend here in British Columbia so I’ll try to yap at you next week.

Go with yourself.


My second-best-English-mate Rob is living in New York City these days, and he sent me over an artist he’s hyping named Baba Ali. He’ll be touring with Gold Panda and rolling through town on August 18th for a show at Fortune Sound Club.  Check out the song “Not Loving You.”


The next song that popped up on my soundcloud after Baba Ali was an artist named Neda. When I was listening my boss Ronnie walked in and said, “CHVRCHES?”  I think that is a good thing.

She is from Carnarvon, WA…the town has a population less than 5,000 and is 900 kms north of Perth. Sounds lovely.

Go with yourself.


Arkells fourth record, Morning Report, is out on August 5th. I had a chance to preview the record and one track that jumped out at me was the unabashed love song late on the album called “And Then Some.”

Max Kerman says that is a very personal song that he wrote for his partner Lauren.

Go with yourself.

the hip

Last night, through an incredible turn of events, Coral and I scored box seats to The Tragically Hip’s final show! After some frantic texts and calls to Grandpa and Grandma to secure childcare we were crammed into Rogers Arena for the legendary performance.

Today I rolled into CFOX and had a chance to interview Jay from USS about their upcoming single “Work Shoes.” But I also asked Human Kebab if USS has ever played a showed with The Hip. The answer is yes and the story is great. Also Jann Arden was there.

Here is that Hip set from Canada Day in 2013 at London’s Trafalgar Square. I *think* Ash is getting turfed around 15:30.

We also talked about the new song called “Work Shoes.” The guys in USS are working pros and the new song takes them back to working manual labour jobs around the Toronto area, making money to live, party and fund being artists.


Go with yourself.


I made my up to the Pemberton Music Festival for a day on Sunday. Quality times dressed as a Pikachu checking out bands.

Laid a bunch of high fives, ate some taco truck tacos, brought Jesse Roper up on stage, stared at all the wonderful freaky looking peoples and generally enjoyed a merry (if sober) time.

The highlight was the headliner, PEARL JAM! My first time ever seeing that band. Incredible experience. Eddie Vedder did that thing where he takes pulls from a bottle of wine all set….I think that adds to the between song banter.

Last night at #PembyFest! 🇨🇦 #pjtour2016

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#Halsey is cool. #pembertonmusicfestival

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Every festival features a couple bands that exceed expectation and Pemby 2016 was no exception. Like I said, I was just there for the day but I managed to get into a few acts like LA’s Halsey. Her set was fun.


I also enjoyed Nashville’s Bully.

Go with yourself.

#Pemberton was fun. #JesseRoper #Pikachu

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space high five

Radio is fun. Bro called up from Edmonton and we were able to share a high five…through the air.

Happy Friday!

Go with yourself.


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