glorious sons

Brett Emmons from the Glorious Sons reflects on growing up in Kingston and the effect the Tragically Hip had on them.


The Glorious Sons return to Vancouver for a show on October 27th at The Vogue.

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jacob banks

Photo: Grace Rivera

Happy Friday!

New song today from Jacob Banks. The song is called “Unknown (to you)” and it is remixed by Timbaland. The press release says, “The remix picks up the tempo with Timbaland’s unmistakable, futuristic beats, enhancing the track’s powerful emotion and Jacob’s commanding vocals.”

Timbaland talks about working with Banks, “I’m passionate about working with up and coming artists, the voices of our next generation, and Jacob is one of those voices for sure. He’s an incredible talent, and I knew I had to work with him when I heard ‘Unknown (To You).’”

Sexy jam. I love it on a Friday night.

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Vancouver’s Ciele sent us her new song “Sweet Water River.”

She writes that song was inspired by the TV show Riverdale.

Sweet Water River was inspired by the Archie Comics TV series ‘Riverdale’. I’m a major fangirl of all things teen drama, and especially loved the subverted storylines created for the show. I decided to write this song as a response to that. The verses weave in and out of the characters perspectives as they try to work through murder, betrayal and loves lost. In the end, everything leads back to the river, and in my opinion she is as much a character as any of the people on the show. I think this song has a little something for everyone. And a special place for all you Riverdaddies out there! I hope you enjoy this little piece of my world.”

//Jughead// 👑 Sweet Water River 10.11.17 #riverdale

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We FINALLY found our way to a Vancouver Whitecaps game. The MLS soccer team could have clinched the Western Conference title yesterday afternoon iwth a win…but alas, it was a 1-1 tie with San Jose.

Next time Caps!

Fun time, the whole family enjoyed the experience. We’ll do it again Whitecaps FC.

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LA DJ and Producer Gryffin shares a new song last week called “Nobody Compares To You.”

it is a bright and happy sounding house song featuring the vocals of Katie Pearlman.


In other news… check out this amazing Game of Thrones blanket that my co-hosting friend at CFOX, Meredith, bought for our little guy Elliot.

Well how cute is this! @meredithgeddes got Elliot a Game of Thrones blanket! @outofcharacterquilts

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SO CUTE! Mere and I have a weekly podcast…and because you’re such an intrepid music blog reader who loves The MAS Blog, maybe you’ll check it out?

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Maryse sent over the new song from her vocal-electronic duo Seaborne. The song is called “Hypnotise.”

Seaborne had been based out of Vancouver but they have taken their act to Montreal.

Maryse broke down the meaning of the song.

“The single recognizes the unique infatuation experienced when seeing an artist you love perform. As an audience member, you feel such an entrancing connection that you’re almost persuaded the performer sees you and feels it too…while also being aware that you’re lost in an equally hypnotized crowd.”

Very cool song.


I was yapping on my show the other day about making another catch and i wanted to share it with you…intrepid music blog reader.

Dad of the Year / Poor parenting play of the day.
Fell asleep on the couch with Elliot last night after DJing…startled awake at the sensation of him falling off me and I Lightening McQueen reached out and caught him. Baby barely woke up.


It was Canadian Thanksgiving last week. If you were celebrating I hope you had a great moment with your friends and family. I enjoyed my weekend my wife Coral and our kids. We took baby Elliot on his first hike! And Jack and Maddy made it all the way to the waterfall.

Had so much fun doing the Lower Falls trail last weekend, I did it again.

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unnamed (10)

The 808s and telecasters group, Eighty Ninety, shared a new song last week. The track is called “Your Favorite Song.”

Brothers Abner and Harper James are getting ready to release their second ep, Bowery Beach Road, this fall.

Found the original lyric sheet for "Your Favorite Song" 💐 on @spotify now 💚

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unnamed (9)

I’ve been away from the MAS Blog for awhile…. apologies to the handful of folks still reading music blogs in 2017.

What have I been up? Glad you didn’t ask.

Busy busy… baby number 3 was born at the beginning of September. That exciting time for my family also coincided with the fall ratings period in radio, so I’ve been a busy boy.

The music doesn’t stop and I’ve already missed so so much.

Today I want to talk about one of my favourite British bands, Wolf Alice!

The reviews for their new album, Visions of Life, are good! Pitchfork gave it a 7/10, Rolling Stone was a 4/5.

I fired the album on my iPhone for the commute into work this morning and loved it.

The album delivers both moments electrifying grunge and distorted rock, and atmospheric shoegaze. The record was recorded and produced in LA by the same guy that has done music for Paramore and M83. When I listen to songs like “Don’t Delete The Kisses” or “Sky Musings,” I can almost trick myself into thinking I’m hearing a cut off Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming.

Visions of Life out now!
1. Heavenward
2. Yuk Foo
3. Beautifully Unconventional
4. Don’t Delete The Kisses
5. Planet Hunter
6. Sky Musings
7. Formidable Cool
8. Space & Time
9. Sadboy
10. St. Purple & Green
11. After The Zero Hour
12. Visions Of A Life

Wolf Alice have a couple Canadian show in December. No dates out west yet.

Danforth Music Hall
Toronto, ON
Montreal, QB


@jesuiscoral took a picture of Elliot and me watching some old war movie called The Beast.

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