This is nice. I got a Facebook message from friend-of-the-show Andrea who said I really need to check out the new record from Lion Bear Fox. Especially the song “Shine.”

I hop on Instagram… Dottie is posting about her love of the song “Shine” off the new Lion Bear Fox. I think, “huh, I’ve heard off this band…”

Right, they used to go by The Lion The Bear The Fox (wise dropping all those the’s”…and I think they were a Peak Performance Band back in the day. And I am 92% sure they came by my show on The Zone.

Alright. Here’s what Andrea says, “Nathanial Ratecliff mixed with some Mumford and Sons meets some old school 70’s rock. Canada’s LION BEAR FOX. Check out if you are having a slow moving Saturday. Hope you have the time, these guys are truly awesome.”

Andrea liked “Mountains” too. A little more rocking.

🎧@lionbearfox's new EP on repeat today. Especially "Shine". Pure gold! 😍

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Jeeze, I must have 3 or 4 Leeroy Stagger records on my laptop at home. I was weirdly listening to a few select cuts last week….maybe the gremlins that hunt my psychometrics sent the results to Facebook, because there’s Leeroy in my feed amped that he has signed to a new label and has a brand new song to share!

Stagger’s 11th record is called Love Versus and is out in April on new label True North.

The new song is called “I Want It All.” Sounds like a celebration of the indie rocker life.

The new one is on Spotify and I am not sure how to embed those songs on this blog….and I don’t think the music aggregators that follow this blog recognize those streams? Like Hype Machine? Maybe it does… I dunno. I like Soundcloud or Bandcamp for this blog. He has older music on Bandcamp so you get “Little Black Book” from 2004’s Dear Love.

What I wanted to share was “Just in Case” or “Slowly Sinking!” Vintage Victoria era Leeroy Stagger.

Tour dates:

03/17 Panorama, BC – Panorama Ski Resort
03/18 Panorama, BC – Panorama Ski Resort
03/24 Edmonton, AB – St. Basil’s Cultural Centre
03/25 Camrose, AB – The Bailey Theatre
03/26 Canmore, AB – Tavern 1883
04/19 Nanaimo, BC – The Queens
04/20 Cumberland, BC – The Waverly Hotel
04/21 Victoria, BC – Sugar Nightclub
04/22 Vancouver, BC – Commodore Ballroom

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I fucked up when I ordered my Japandroids LP. I was so excited when it was announced, I went right to Polyvinyl and ordered the record. There it was!

THEN I noticed, wait, they’re on ANTI now and ANTI sends you a bonus 7-inch of the single/title track with the b-side cover of the Talking Heads “Love → Building on Fire.”

Fuck me. I can’t find JUST the 7-inch on sale anywhere. Anyways, that’s my first world problem today.

Japandroids are on tour. Here’s the Canadian dates.

02/17 – Toronto, ON @ Danforth Theatre
02/18 – Toronto, ON @ Danforth Theatre
03/20 – Vancouver, BC @ Commodore Ballroom

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Ruth from Minnesota sent over another electro jammer. Dutch producer iLiveHere.  Well I think he’s from Holland…one of his profiles said “Nederland” and I’m like dude, learn to spell! Or he’s from Colorado.

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I woke up this morning and got my daughter off to school. My son was playing with his toys and I flicked on the TV. One of the movie channels was show this 2011 Canadian film called Cafe de Flore.

It was a pretty cool movie about two seemingly unrelated story. A Montreal DJ separated from his wife while pursuing a new relationship with a woman named Rose. Whole the movie also followed the story of Jacqueline. a single mother in 1960s Paris.

Neat movie. I loved the music. There is a song that the DJ Antoine likes that his kids make fun of. It is a sigur rós called “Svefn-G-Englar.”

It was the Icelandic groups first single. It’s a beautiful song…. the lyrics are wonderful and strange.


There is a music anachronism in the movie. There is a records that connects the 1960s Paris to the modern day Montreal. An album that features music by Matthew Herbert and more specifically a song called “Cafe de Flore” (hense the title of the movie).

Laurent is obsessed with the song and often has his mother Jacqueline play it for him. The song eventually makes him think of Vero (his school crush). The song is not a 60s jigle, but rather a song from Herbert’s musical project Doctor Rockit and off his 2000 record, Indoor Fireworks.

In the modern times you see Antoine messing about with the record and having a connection with it.

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Eli from Two Friends reached out to the blog to share his production team’s songs.

This “Pacific Coast Highway” song is bright and fun. Hey I took a road trip on that highway once with my wife Coral and our daughter. Awww, fun times. Nostalgia.

Here is their newest song. Born new to the world today!

ohhh jeezus are you kidding me? A remix of Tove Lo’s “Cool Girl?” I love that song.

And being a modern rock radio DJ for the last …bunch of years….I know and love The Killers.

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Bipolar Sunshine from Manchester, UK threw down a moody cover of Coldplay’s “The Scientist.” One of my fave Coldplay songs…I had to hit play on this after Ruth from Minnesota sent it over.

Bipolar Sunshine also appears on a MAS blog fave Gryffin tune!

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