Hanging out at Noodle Box for lunch today and I heard the chill remix of Queens of the Stone Age.

My shazam was no use, but a quick search found this remix from Virgin Magnetic Material.

That’s my best guess for what I heard. The restaurant was loud and the music just quiet enough that shazam couldn’t cut through. Shazam also often fails me with remixes….

Go with yourself.


Chance texted 280-CFOX: “Sometimes I wish the national alerting system wasn’t always just a test. It would be great to just hear once ‘warning giant monsters are invading from the sea, everybody evacuate inland!'”

Jello and I decided to bring this fun text to life!

CFOX producer: Jamie Ellard

Thanks for finding my blog.

Go with yourself.


But then Three Days Grace always said “it’s not too late, it’s never too late.”

Judah & The Lion are a band from Nashville. Their style generally gets described as “genre bending.” I’ll say folk. Or at least what passes for modern indie folk these days. Their record Folk Hop N Roll came out in July and the hype has been strong since. Their song “Take It All Back” is a modern rock charter in the US. I’d imagine it’ll start to get some traction in Canada too. The End in Seattle said it could still be the song of the summer!


Coral is in Cheltanham for a week and a bit…the kids are at home with Coral’s Mom and jack has been cuddling with me in the big bed. Something about a toddler in the bed, I always sleep well.

Go with yourself.


Happy Friday! I’m blogging from a bar…neat.

There were a few songs I wanted to put up that I heard this week but didn’t get a chance so let’s run down a few.

I’ll start with Vancouver’s C.R. Avery. The East Van poet has a gravely voice. He tells stories with very specific references. I kinda enjoy plucking through them all. Being a Vancouver myself, it all feels real close to me.

Do you think Robert Pattison is the new James Dean?”

This song as a Seahawks shoutout. Is CR a 12?

The dude has a bunch of tour dates in BC.

Sept. 29 – Harbour House Hotel, Salt Spring Island, BC
Sept . 30 – Victoria Event Center, Victoria, BC
Oct. 1 – Cobalt, Vancouver, BC
Oct. 5 – TBC, Vernon, BC
Oct. 6 – Dream Café, Penticton, BC
Oct. 7 – Spirit Bar, Nelson, BC


Bring the noise Dragonette! The alt-pop group from Toronto have a new one called “Sweet Poison” featuring Dada. Whenever I see the title, my brain thinks “Sweet Potato.”

New record is called Royal Blues and it’s out on November 11th.


Ruth from Minnesota sent this over. Ruth, it’s not a full song! Artist is Jahkoy

This song came up next on Soundcloud…huh. I like this.


Finally Anna sent over Blonder. Chill Brooklyn synthy tunes.

🍥 happy 4 'talk to me' on Spotify / Apple Music / iTunes 2day ! giddy up & thank u dam 🍭

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Happy Friday! DJing tonight and tomorrow. Then off to Victoria for one magical day of Rifflandia before starting the insanity all over again.

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Kathryn sent over a beauty song from Sylvan Esso for us to listen to today (that’s one of her paintings above…she paints a little nature picture everyday, follow her on Instagram). The song is called “Radio.” Hey my favourite subject!

“slave to the radio.” Tell me about it Sylvan Esso.

Happy Friday! Man, I have a bunch of other songs to share today too…ugh, but gotta get back to it.

Go with yourself.


I knew it would be a good day when I woke up and threw on my JAPANDROIDS t-shirt. Trolling twitter and this tweet came down the feed.

Well hey now. Beach Slang covering one of my favourite band’s bestest songs! Alright.

The song is part of a compilation record from Polyvinyl Records called Polyvinyl Plays Polyvinyl. The 20th anniversary record features bands on their roster covering other bands on the roster.  Beach Slang plugging in and turning up JAPANDROIDS “Younger us” is pretty much a layup.

We’re getting close to Beach Slang’s sophomore album, A Loud Bash Of Teenage Feelings, out on September 24th.

JAPANDROIDS begin their four night home stand at The Cobalt in Vancouver on October 5th.

Said "fuck it" and got up to drink with me instead. #JAPANDROIDS TIX ARRIVED! @polyvinylrecords @thecobalt_van

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Well intrepid music blog reader….I don’t just share soundcloud streams on Hype Machine, I am also a commercial radio DJ. I’ve been working in alternative or modern rock radio since 2003 (and five years before that on college radio). I have a big ole space in my heart for radio songs and wanted a place to collect a few songs that “I used to play on the radio all thew time.” But now they rarely come up. So here’s my new music podcast, Maximum Warp, Engage. The show is gunna be songs from Y2K to 2009. I’ll likely focus on modern rock radio hits, but you’ll be subjected to some CanCon forgotten wonders and the occasional Thursday cut. I was on the radio in Victoria and now Vancouver….so it’ll be my take based on recollections of West Coast Canadian Radio. If you have any feedback or requests for a song to dig up…don’t be shy. Comment or tweet or email me. It’s all good.

And depending on how I feel and where my energy is at… Alternative to What?…my meditations on new/charting modern rock might come back for an new episode.

Go with yourself.


The French duo have another single for us form their upcoming November album, Woman.

Justice debuted “Randy” the other day on Annie Mac’s BBC show.

It’s a fucking cool song, but then, Justice is a fucking cool band.

Rolling Stone had a few quotes from their interview with Ms. Mac.

“‘Randy’ started as an almost industrial techno track, but we were in such a good mood that day that we ended up making the song as it is that is real like joyful. Like if you’re in the car with your best friends or your lover or your kids. And that’s the feeling of the whole record I guess.”

Go with yourself.