I can’t play “Decpacito” enough in a night when I DJ. People say they love “Latin” music now…though to be honest… no rage love for J Balvin? People are weird.

I thought this jammer from Puerto Rican Bad Bunny might scratch the itch if you need more of that Island vibes merged with a modern trap sound.

Go with yourself.

dear seattle

My cousin Jarrah is visiting this summer from Brisbane. She was telling me about her current fave Aussie rockers….a band from Sydney called Dear Seattle.

They have a fun, energetic alt-rocking sound. Let’s have a listen!

My cousin also said one of the dudes in the band is named “Jeremy Baker.” neat.


In other fun news…. it has been HOT in Vancouver lately. Last weekend saw temperatures get to 33 degrees. For this part of the world, that is toasty. So I took the kids on a 5.5 km hike…but hey, it was to a beach. I’m not the worst.

33 degrees? No problem. And Jack even hiked *most* of the way. #JugIsland #Belcarra

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Who stole Clarisse Ramos’ juice cleanse juices from the office lunch room?

Dark Cleanse is one story about juice from a juice cleanse stolen from the office fridge of a downtown office tower, told week by-by-week by Meredith Geddes.

Happy Monday. Go with yourself.

panama hope for something.jpg

Aussie synth-waver Panama released his Hope For Something ep…you can stream it on soundcloud.  My fave off the is “I Watched You Slip.”

Summertime music. I’ll have to track it down for my DJ sets this weekend at Personas and Match.

Go with yourself.

Chad VanGaalen

Chad VanGaalen‘s 6th album will be out on September 8th. The record is called Light Information.

The Calgary indie rocker says being a parent and watching his kids grow up has been an inspiration.

Being a parent has given me a sort of alternate perspective, worrying about exposure to a new type of consciousness that’s happening through the internet,” he says. “I didn’t have that growing up, and I’m maybe trying to preserve a little bit of that selfishly for my kids.”

VanGaalen wrote, produced and performed all the parts of the records save for a few exceptions. He also designed the cover art.

Great warm tones, synths, and dark wave reverb abound.

His press release describes the single “Old Heads.” The song “Old Heads” is a sci-fi space anthem to technology that constantly replaces itself, proving both necessary and unnecessary at the same time. It’s also a jangly pop gem, a trip through the fantastical that is ultimately warm and relatable.


Go see Chad VanGaalen! here are his Pacific Northwest dates.

Nov. 09 – Vancouver, BC – The Biltmore Cabaret
Nov. 10 – Seattle, WA – Sunset Tavern *
Nov. 12 – Portland, OR – Doug Fir *
*w/ NE-HI

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borg queen

Ms. Kirby sent over her new music video for a song called “We’re All Whores.”

She says, “‘We’re All Whores’ portrays 3 traditional professions as corrupted versions of themselves. A doctor, judge and oil rig worker transform from work attire into sexualized symbols of their respective fields. Featuring local, Vancouver underground, fringe and alternative culture personalities. Body modification artist & actor Russ Foxx as the doctor, local goth-industrial DJ David Rose as the judge, and drag performer Berlin Stiller dazzles as the oil rig worker. Plus a guest appearance by Kaine Delay, frontman of the Vancouver industrial cyber punk band ‘Left Spine Down’ appearing as a pompous rock star getting dominated and stripped down by lap dancers within a Rocky Horror Picture Show style lingerie set.”

Go with yourself.

jon and roy

Folksy Victoria due (power trio?) Jon & Roy have a new record out called The Road Ahead is Golden. The band sent over a music video for their feature song “Runner.”

The band says: It’s a song about running away from things you shouldn’t be running from. In doing so, you’re not being honest with yourself and those around you. To be specific – it’s about deadbeat dads.

That’s a sad tale…being a Dad, growing up with a good man as a father…I feel for those that were let down by someone who was supposed to be there for them. Maybe this a timely tune for some with “Father’s Day” coming up.

Jon & Roy have been putting out music for years and The Road Ahead is Golden is their 7th LP!

The music video has a Wes Anderson vibe, showing some bro running around a beautifully framed Victoria; while the band performs in the back of a pick-up truck slowing winding through the Vancouver Island country side. You don’t have to like folk to love the look of this music video.

Look for Jon & Roy this summer at the Tall Tree Music festival!

June 24th  Tall Tree Music Festival – Port Renfrew, BC

Go with yourself.