meat wave

I love discovering a new band that I really should have ought to know about. Post-punk I guess is the genre and I guess that is what I like. The band is called Meat Wave.

I was trolling AV Club’s music reviews…. noticed that of all the records they’ve reviewed recently, the lowest rated (The Menzingers) was my favourite on their list. Fuffffff….and bands send me music to “review” on this blog? What are you thinking?

One band I didn’t know, but wanted to after seeing their name was Meat Wave. Glad I clicked the link. Love their style. The Chicago band worked with Steve Albini and makes some quality punk rocking noise!

They say their third record’s inspiration came from the lead singer’s breakup of a 12-year relationship. That’s gotta be rough.

“Run You Out” seems to be the popular share song form their record The Incessant.  From an interview in CLRVYNT, Chris Sutter tlaks about the song.

I think I wrote “Run You Out” about a year ago, maybe a little more than a year ago. It came out of some grand realizations about myself, and how some reflection can be really ugly — and necessary. Confronting, questioning how I had handled things, my desire to escape from a situation. I don’t know — I feel a lot older. It’s crazy to look back on that time, even though it wasn’t that long ago, and to feel removed or aged or different. Some of the past just kind of stings, and I think that’s what getting older is: experiencing life in its madness, looking back on it. Writing that song was like building blocks. Just kept adding around the riff in the chorus. That was the impetus to that song.


Been doing some boxing. Good times.

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Coral went to see her midwife today. They recorded Baby Milkshake’s heartbeat!

whoa, the miracle of life.

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bipolar sunshine

I like the Bipolar Sunshine songs we’ve explored on the ole MAS Blog. Let’s try another one.

This one explores a bit of an alt-rock vibe.

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Le Malls
This French producer is just 17? shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

Le Malls is back with another ferocious track. As we’ve come to know him for, Le Malls technical prowess sparkles on ‘Blazed’. He combines beautiful synth layering with searing drum programming that creates an infectiously unique soundscape perfect for exploring. The vocals from Beckii Power tastefully blend with the production and adds an extra bit of dazzle. It’s quite apparent ‘Blazed’ is top quality from Le Malls.

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sir sly

Hayden from Sir Sly sent over the new song “High” which he says “turns a hotel-room panic attack into a creative breakthrough.” And assures us in the press release that that quote is 100% true.

He has a little biographical story of the journey Sir Sly has gone on…. the roller coaster hype machine ride. The press release is pretty good, so fuck it, I’ll just copy/paste that and you can check out the song below. Though to be honest Sir Sly…I miss the soundcloud links… bands are all in on the monetized streams. You wanna get paid, I feel you, but watching a 30 second movie trailer before hearing one song is lame. Also Hype Machine doesn’t chart youtube or spotify or apple music embeds. Be warned hopeful band!

April 20, 2014: It’s a day off on tour with The 1975. We’re colonizing a beige, Spartan room at the Courtyard Marriott in Oakland. Landon, our front man, steps out for a smoke.

Shortly thereafter, he becomes one with the universe. Additionally, my man sprawls out on the bathroom tile, smiling, scared, and stoned, naming off a list of people to whom he must give this newly discovered, all-encompassing, cosmic love.

September 16, 2014: The trip subsides, we finish the tour, and release an album called You Haunt Me. It does pretty well. My Mom tells all her friends about the time we played Conan, and how she heard us on the radio.

Deep inside, I’m a little disappointed because I read somewhere on the internet that we were supposed to be the next Coldplay, yet I still drive a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder with a check engine light.

Over the next six months, we start, and later abandon, a sophomore album full of minimal electronic songs. The lyrics are mostly outward facing, obtuse, anxious. It was good, but Jamie xx we are not.

June 2015: Back at square one and thinking hard about words like “sonic” and “identity,” Jason makes a round, booming instrumental in his studio in Costa Mesa. I cobble together a sampled, sauntering drum beat on a bus in Italy. Landon comes up with this sticky melody that’s part talking, part singing, all feel. We get in a room and they meld together.

It ends up being a revisionist retelling of that April 2014 night with a wink and some rose-colored glasses, borne of a desire to have a song to dance to every show.

We feel like it’s good shit.

I play it for an anonymous Uber driver and he’s all in. My Dad hears it and says it is “poppier” than our old stuff. My brother loves it and posts it to his Instagram months before it’s released because he thinks it’s already out.

Now: “High” comes out. “It’s an upbeat anthem about ego death” lead singer Landon Jacobs told the biographer, while I was on the other line of the conference call. “It really opened up the honesty of the record.”

Fittingly, it’s the first song from a forthcoming album that is lived-in, loose, and against all odds, a celebration. Thanks for listening.

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said the whale.jpg

Vancouver indie rocker’s Said The Whale have a new record out next week called As Long As Your Eyes Are Open.

The new record features the trademark bright sounding indie rock we know from the band like the songs “I Will Follow You” or “Heaven.”

But there is one song on the album that stands out with it’s weight. The song is called “Miscarriage.” It is a personal tale of loss and healing. About lead singer Tyler Bancroft’s emotions after his wife and him experienced some hardship trying to grow their family. Maybe it is a song that will resonate with your own life story?

Miscarriage is a unique kind of loss in that you’re mourning what could have been. It’s a lonely kind of loss, because miscarriage is rarely discussed. And it’s a loss of control—realizing that the future may not turn out the way you had imagined it. For me this was especially disarming since I didn’t realize how much I wanted a child until I was faced with the possibility of never having one. Miscarriage strips the joy from pregnancy and turns it into a source of grief and anxiety.

But whatever sadness and anger I was feeling was only a fraction of what my partner was experiencing. The shame associated with her body not doing what it’s ‘biologically designed to do,’ the loss of control, and the uncertainty about reproductive health-—these things are all devastating. Watching the person you love go through that is heartbreaking, and it took everything I had to comfort her along with trying to comfort myself. I wrote this song in the throes of our experience. It was cathartic and therapeutic, and a lot of tears were shed.

I won’t say I’m glad we went through what we did, but I will say that our experience has provided me with a perspective and an empathy that I may not have otherwise had. Our experience also makes me feel like the luckiest person on earth because our story has a happy ending—our third pregnancy was carried to term and our son was born in the summer of 2016.”

The band will tour Canada. Their first show is in Toronto on the day their 5th album comes out.

March 31 (release day) – Toronto, ON – Lee’s Palace
April 1 -Toronto, ON – Lee’s Palace
April 4 – London, ON – Rum Runners / London Music Hall Complex
April 5 – Ottawa, ON – Bronson Centre Theatre
April 6 – Montreal, QC – Petit Campus
April 7 – Kitchener, ON – Centre in the Square
April 8 – Peterborough, ON – Red Dog
April 12 – New York, NY – Mercury Lounge
April 27 – Pender Island, BC – Hope Bay Studio
April 28 – Victoria, BC – Sugar Nightclub
April 29 – Vancouver, BC – Vogue Theatre
May 3 – Kelowna, BC – The Habitat
May 4 – Calgary, AB – Commonwealth Bar
May 5 – Edmonton, AB – Starlite Room
May 6 – Saskatoon, SK – Cosmopolitain Senior Centre
May 7 – Winnipeg, MB – Park Theatre

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Producer/DJ guy K?d (pronounced kid) released his first single a few days ago. It’s a BIG sounding electo jammer called “Lose Myself” featuring the vocals of Phil Good.


Here’s a darker one from NYC’s Waju. The song is called “FADed.”


Modern sounding R&B. Has that vintage vocal delivery, but warped through futuristic electronic elements. Piano keys tickled deeper in the mix. The artist Jacob Banks. The song is “Chainsmoking.”

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