Toronto’s BLAJK sent over the song “Gunshot.” The song has a modern alternative vibe with that electronic edge.

In other news…. Me and Mere started a Game of Thrones podcast! I will love you times infinity if you through us a listen.

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Toro y Moi released his 6th album on July 7th on Carpark. The record is called Boo Boo.

I was talking with Nicole on Facebook the other day. and she was telling me she has had Washed Out‘s Mister Mellow on repeat. I didn’t even know thew record had come out on June 30th! This maybe shows the value of being on a good label? He was with Sub Pop for his first two records and now Stone’s Throw.

I’ve been enjoying St. Vincent‘s new one, “New York.”

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To quote the poet Aaron Lewis, “It’s been while….”

Hey intrepid music blog reads… I’ve been away on summer vacation for the past couple weeks. But I’m back today and jamming out tunes.

Today is my first day back at CFOX and I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to hang out with New Orleans band, The Revivalists.

The Revivalists have be come hugely successful off their 2015 song “Wish I Knew You.”

The song comes from their third album, Men Amongst Mountains. The song’s rise is a story of patience as it seemed to percolate for quite awhile before exploding on mainstream rock radio. The song is now a alternative rock #1 single and exposing the band to a whole new audience.

The Revivalists were in Vancouver last night to perform at the Vancouver Folk Festival. Before hopping hopping on a plane to Los Angeles to appear on Jimmy Kimmel, the band found their way to the World Famous CFOX to record their song “Wish I Knew You” in our Ugly Grey Box Studio.

After the performance I had a moment to chat with David Shaw about the song. I asked him why he thinks it has resonated so deeply with so many people.

David also shared the origin story of the band. A story that involves a shirtless man, playing guitar on his porch in New Orleans one day, a whole bunch of years ago.


Got up to so many adventures during my two week holiday. Maybe you follow me on Instagram and you were able to play along. If not… here’s a few highlights.


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Not terrible.

OK, gotta grind through the over 1,400 emails I got. I get more emails from bands wanting feature on this blog than I do hits.  So that’s a thing.

Happy Monday!

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anna of the north

Norwegian alterna-pop singer Anna of the North shares a new song today called “Someone.”

The song leans heavy on a vintage 80s soft-rock vibe…at least to my ears. Reminds me of listening to CFUN 1410 AM when I was a kid.

The song comes from her debut album, Lovers, which comes out on September 8th (via Honeymoon / +1 Records / Different Recordings).

Anna of the North is Norwegian Anna Lotterud….who legend has it, was doing an Eat, Pray, Love sorta thing in Australia when she met New Zealander Brady Daniel-Smith in Melbourne, where he was performing an acoustic set. They became friends and started created music.

The group talks about “Someone:”

“We think almost everyone has woken up after a big night, instantly regretting something that happened. It’s about how easy it is to break your promises when you’ve had a couple of drinks. Going deeper, the song is about accepting that you’re only human and to learn how to forgive yourself for your own mistakes and accepting that sometimes we need someone to save us from repeating any old habits.” 

I’m gunna need to pre-order that record.

Anna also lends her vocals to this Tyler, The Creator track.

I'm on a fucking track with @feliciathegoat and FRANK OCEAN . Ok bye. 😎

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Have a listen to this huge sounding trap remix from Krane and Alexander Lewis. They punched up Sinjin Hawke’s “Onset.”

“We were just listening to his new album, heard Onset, and realized we had to make a version of it. Random stroke of inspiration really… There’s always been this common practice of how remixers go about wanting to remix something- like its a measure of the original artist and their reputation, or how hyped up they are at the moment. I really just wanted to move away from that and hopefully do justice to something I found to be really special and different.” – KRANE

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kasbo ranger

Wait-a-minute….didn’t Canucks just draft this kid to play center? Kasbo is 21-year-old Swedish producer Carl Garsbo.

New song is called “Lay It On Me” and features the vocals of Keiynan Lonsdale.

I’ll be adding this song to the playlist at Personas tonight and Match this weekend!

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sir sly band

Sir Sly‘s sophomore record Don’t You Worry, Honey is out tomorrow (June 30th).

I’ve been jamming Sir Sly for a bunch of years and loved those early blog hits and the first album, 2014’s You Haunt Me.

I had the opportunity to yap with drummer/programmer Hayden Coplan. We talked about the new album but I wanted to get a bit of the backstory. The vibe I get is that Hayden and lead singer Landon Jacobs go back…and it turns out they do. They grew up together in Orange County, went to the same church, and played in a variety of short lived highschool bands.

It wasn’t till Landon graduated college and he made the decision to focus 100% on music that Sir Sly was born.

Hayden and I also talked about the new record. I asked him to tell me something interesting to listen for on the new record. He told me they are playing around with a bunch of samples buried in the songs and Landon’s lyrics are open with a narritive that ties the record together.

Thank you for your time Hayden!

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