Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

Melbourne three-headed singing monster band Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever released their debut Sub Pop record today, Hope Downs.

Continuing to channel the “it’s summer and the livin’s easy” vibes, Rolling Blackouts give ten jangly guitar driven tracks. Every song is a beauty.

Do you have a favourite? They’re ALL my favourite.

Looks like I’ll need to take a Friday off at Match at the end of August!

Thu. Aug. 30 – Portland, OR @ Doug Fir
Fri. Aug. 31 – Vancouver, BC@ Fox Cabaret
Sat. Sep. 1 – Seattle, WA @ Bumbershoot



Father’s Day is this weekend and the sun is finally back in Vancouver! Talk at my house of a return to the Othello Tunnels and my wife talked about hitting a brewery tasting room in Abbotsford. Somewhere in there I’ll need to hit a MEC to get one more backpacking sleeping pad. Going to try to carve out the time to take Madelyn camping AND Jack. You know RBCF will be soundtracking the adventures.

Exploring. #othellotunnels #coquihalla

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Go with yourself.

Brooklyn based indie dream-popsters Eighty Ninety shared a new song today called “Dream.”

From the press release: Combining Abner’s signature hazy vocals, with introspective lyricism and forward-thinking production, Eighty Ninety‘s newest offering, “Dream,” is an instantly catchy pop tune that is sure to delight listeners. Ones To Watch premiered “Dream” yesterday and described it as “a shimmery, intoxicating sound that will easily melt into a playlist of summer vibes.”


Hunter sent me the new Justice Skolnik jam, “Seventeen” featuring Nevve. Here’s another bouncy, uplifting summer vibes song.


Happy Friday!

Madelyn splashing down on her last slide of day.

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Go with yourself.


Coheed and Cambria released their latest sci-fi prog rocker, “The Dark Sentencer.” It’s seven minutes and 45-ish seconds of Coheed shred action. Add a couple more minutes for that prologue.

The Prologue sets the scene. A narrator talks about an Earth almost destroyed by a cataclysmic cosmic event. A romance between a pair of unheavenly creatures. The five houses of the star supremacy. A great crash!

Here we go!

It begins with them but it ends with me…their son…Vaxus!

Happy Friday!

Go with yourself.

touch the sky

Heading into another perfect May weekend (a long one for our friends in the US…and a long one for me because I took Monday off) and I have fun remix to bump.

Two Friends sent over their take on Kanye West’s 2006 song “Touch The Sky.”


Couple plugs if I may…you guys are always asking me for things…now I’ll ask you for two little things.

One! I have a craft beer show. Me and my buddy Jello go out to the fine craft beer tasting rooms in Vancouver and film it. I’d love if you took the time to give us a view (or a thumbs up or a positive comment…whatever you have time for).


Hosting some weekly trivia at a pub in Burnaby (might be adding a second night in New Westminster…stay tuned.)

I made an instagram account for the event, but we have so few followers. Can you throw me a follow?

I love you! Have a great weekend.

Go with yourself.


You guys already know how much I loves me AJR. It was a pretty easy ask when the PR sent over Steve Aoki’s new single asking for a spin and I saw it was featuring AJR.

Song is called “Pretender.”


Last week I judged a chicken wing contest. That was neat!

Downtown, let’s go downtown. Thanks @edgarseeya for having us at #CHICKENFIGHTVII!

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Tomorrow, my wife Coral and I are off to Vancouver Island for a buddy’s wedding. Tyson and Leanne are gettin’ hitched somewhere north of Victoria and I’m looking forward to MCing and seeing some best buds. Living in wilds east of Vancouver means I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like so this weekend should be red hot. Maximum fun.

@leedlebobeedle photo of the #FlamingLips at the #yyjrocktographers opening night.

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Happy Friday. Go with yourself.

prick bastards

I got an email the other day from John Franco (formally of By A Thread) saying his band Prick Bastards are firing back up and playing a show on May 26th at The Flamingo in Surrey.

The show will also feature The Deadhits and Aanthems. Franco says of the Aanthems, “they are one of the best indie bands in Vancouver in my opinion, being a two piece and all.

SATURDAY MAY 26!!! IN SURREY!!! @theflamingo.ca !!!

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Go with yourself.


One of Vancouver’s most haunted properties was recently sold and will be redeveloped into condos!

The house sits at Cambie Street and King Edward Avenue, right in the vortex of densification, and is haunted!

Daily Hive points out these legends of terror!

It sits on a First Nations burial ground: Legend has it that the original settlers of these lands don’t want you disturbing their final resting place.

The couple, the baby, and the crib: The new occupants of the house put their baby in its crib one night. They went back to their rooms, and soon after they heard the baby screaming and crying. The couple ran into the nursery to find the baby at the edge of the window sill.
The family that just moved in: A new family that finished their big move into the house went out for dinner. But when they returned, they found all of their luggage and clothes folded and packed neatly, and they took it as an ominous sign warning them to leave.

The family on the lawn: A new family had just moved in and went to sleep in their new home. The next day, they woke up on the lawn with all their boxes and suitcases next to them.

The woman in the window: A passerby on a bike saw a “For Sale” sign on the front lawn. The realtor had just finished an open house, locked up, and was leaving for the day. The passerby asked if the house had been sold, she replied, “no, not yet. Not much interest in this place, if you know what I mean.” Moments later, the passerby saw a lady-like figure passing by the second storey window.

Go with yourself.