Thrice’s classic, The Artist in the Ambulance came out back in 2003 and is custom, the band will be touring the 20th anniversary. They also re-recorded the record featuring a buffet of guest vocals.

The question has to be asked: Why would we re-record a 20 year old album, let alone one that is widely beloved and arguably our most well-known. I think the core of the answer is that it simply sounded fun and we were curious,” shares Thrice vocalist Dustin Kensrue. “We know that playing the revisionist is a dangerous game, so we were always a little uneasy about trying to go back and mess with something that people loved, people who had none of the hangups about the record that we did. But, since we decided to do this anyway, we tried to let that wariness guide us in how we approached the record, and in the end we decided to make very minimal structural changes.

At the end of the day, what we wanted the record to sound like for fans is that somehow one of their old favorite records got a new lease on life, but that it hadn’t lost its soul or turned into something else. We hope you enjoy revisiting The Artist In the Ambulance.”

That’s nice. As a recovering hipster myself, I enjoy the aged up vocals.

The band is touring, but no Vancouver show. C’est dommage. I’d have to brave the I-5 and hit Seattle.

You can still find a few vinyl copies of the record on their website. The Galaxy Blue one is still in stock and a splatter platter? Sure.

Back from a family trip to Whistler to celebrate my wife’s 40th birthday! Fun times. We didn’t have Thrice banging on the stereo on the drive up. It was enough to keep the kids from dominating the playlist with songs heard in Roblox YouTube videos.

Go with yourself.

My brother and sister-in-law are moving to Austin, Texas. I think I better get familiar with some bands (and the BBQ…is that y’all eat down there or Tex-Mex like Taco Bell?).

Dayglow was called “one of the greatest success stories in Austin music in recent years” by the Austin American-Statesman. Dayglow is the stage name of Sloan Struble. When I was on the radio, we used to play a song called “Can I Call You Tonight?” It was a nice song, one of those jams on the radio that didn’t light my fire, but I also didn’t turn it down.

I cam across one of his newer songs, “Then It All Goes Away” from People In Motion, and I have it on heavy rotation when driving around. I love it so much.

I thought if Dayglow tours, I’d come see him Vancouver. But no shows up this way. I’ll have to crash on my brother’s couch in Austin.

Sloan was going to tour Europe, but it seems he was struck by what infecting many touring musicians right now, logistical problems. Lame. Looks like the UK tour won’t be going down at this time.

Go with yourself.

Saw an email in the inbox that Story of the Year is putting out a new record on March 10th called Tear Me To Pieces. Can you believe Page Avenue came out in 2003! Time man, it flies.

I still fire up “Until The Day I Die” and “Anthem Of Our Dying Day” to this day.

They’ve been sharing a few songs off the upcoming album. We’ve already heard the title track, “Tear Me To Pieces,” along with “Take The Ride” and “Real Life.” Last week they shared a cut called “War.”

I think this album will be a defining moment in our career,” says guitarist Ryan Phillips. “When our fans hear it, they’ll be like, ‘Oh, shit, these dudes are ready to go!’ This is the sound of a band putting everything into it. If a new band came out with this album, I’d be texting everyone in my band about it.”

Dig it SOTY. Taking me right back to my 2000s youth.

Feels good to be blogging again. Music blogs died a long time ago (I think? did they? mine did). I think I’ll bring mine back for a bit. The Morning After rides again.

Go with yourself.

Sir Sly will deliver their third album, The Rise & Fall Of Loverboy, on April 23rd. The So-Cal group have shared a few songs off the upcoming record including “Material Boy,” “Little Deaths” and “Citizen.”

Lead singer and guitarist Landon Jacobs says, “The Rise & Fall Of Loverboyis an album about falling in love with someone new, and the magic that brought into my world. It’s also about slowly eating away at that magic through drinking and self-medicating, and my journey into early sobriety and reckoning with my past.” 

I *feel* like Sir Sly came to play Victoria a bunch of years ago….but I think I missed that show (if it’s the one I remember). Dang. Was always down with these guys, even back when they had that weird little ghost mascot and had songs like “Gold” bouncing around soundcloud. Ah, that’s my mistake. I should have went. Just too many shows you know…then there’s a pandemic and regrets of shows missed.

Go with yourself.

Flora Cash is a duo I’ve been listening to for years. I think like a lot of people, I loved “You’re Somebody Else.” That song was first released in 2017. I don’t know when I found it, but it went into heavy rotation. Followed up with “They Own This Town” and I also enjoyed “Missing Home.” That filous remix is thumbs up emoticon.

Flora Cash is Sweden-based Shpresa Lleshaj and Minneapolis raised Cole Randall. The two connected over music in 2012 and their relationship accelerated to marriage from there.

Let’s have a listen to “Feeling So Down.”

“lay your hoodie to bed at night.” I don’t know, that’s what the lyric sounds like to me.

Oh sad songs hit hard sometimes. “Feeling So Down” is a song for our times right now. Maybe a song about a breakup but maybe also just a song about distance and missing someone. Being apart? I’m banging out blog post while sitting at the computer in the kitchen looking at the snow fall in my suburban town. This song is a nice accompaniment while drinking my coffee and eating some toast.

Go with yourself.

Been listening to a ton of Mishaal lately. His song “Peddle Bike” seems to be in heavy rotation on SiriusXM’s Alt Nation… and it has migrated onto my playlists. I also love his remix of “Friends.”

Mishaal is originally from Saudi Arabia but now lives in New York City where hs is going to college. He started creating music a young kid in Saudi but he was saying on AltNation the other day that he started recording in NYC after some youtube videos went viral. He found a studio, paid the $30 an hour rent and put down some songs.

There are a couple articles I came across…here’s one from 2018 and another in Cosmo from the summer.

My favourite takeaway is that his fave throwback is Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Alright my young Saudi friend, you have a new fan in this old Dad guy.

Go with yourself.

Don’t know much about Yaoew. Discovered the song “Stuck Here Without You” and now I’m a fan.

Dude has social media but mostly hypes his tunes. He keeps the vibes pretty chill with this feather light song about yearning or longing.

Go with yourself.

photo: Chris Villa

Machine Gun Kelly’s fifth album Tickets to my Downfallis coming September 25th (Interscope).

We’ve heard a couple jams so far including “Bloody Valentine” and “concert for aliens.” Today we’re checking out the third listen called “my ex’s best friend.”

The song features singer/songwriter/producer blackbear and the album is executive produced by Blink 182’s Travis Barker. Real good.

The song’s themes don’t stray too far from the title. The press release says, “here, MGK and blackbear gloomily ruminate about a messy entanglement with their exes’ closest confidant. Instead of wallowing in depression, the Ohio titan finds solace in his ex-lover’s best friend to rediscover love.”

Happy Friday. Go with yourself.

Aussie punks Stand Atlantic will release their sophomore album Pink Elephants tomorrow (Hopeless Records).

The band shared a new single today called “Blurry.” Today they shared a music video.

Lead singer Bonnie Fraser grew up with a musician father and started learning guitar at age 5. The advice her father shared with her sounds pretty funny now, via Kerrang!,  “Mostly he’d just tell me, ‘Don’t be in a band, you’ll do drugs and you’ll die.’”

The pop punk band’s new record is out tomorrow. NME likes it..I am sure I will too. I am interested in checking out the song called “Shh” which NME describes as ‘a giddy mashup of modern-day Fall Out Boy and Bring Me The Horizon’s pop-metal.’

Looks like I have something to listen to tomorrow morning at 4AM when I’m sitting in the radio studio writing.

Go with yourself.

Photo Credit Callum Harrison

Beabadoobee shared a second song off her upcoming Fake It Flowers album (October 16th, Dirty Hit). The song is called “Sorry” and leans into a vintage grunge sounding dream pop style.

Beabadoobee’s fame has skyrocket after the viral success of her confessional bedroom jam “Coffee” was remixed and sampled by Powfu and became a staple on TikTok. Bea Kristi, the London raised and based performer says that “Sorry” is a personal song; “confessing my mistakes in a friendship and watching someone who I love break down and fade away as a person. It’s the idea of dismissing something because it felt too close to home and a personal reminder to never take for granted what that person could have had.”

Being an older guy, I am loving the quiet/loud/quiet throwback to the 90s rock that I still enjoy.

“Sorry” follows up the first single “Care.”

I remember the first time I heard “Care.” I was surprised by the sound as my only contact with Beabadoobee had been that “Coffee” Death bed remix and it sounds quite different compared to her guitar driven music.


Go with yourself.