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I don’t know why, but I love 45s.  I think because they’re little, and old… they don’t make any sense and they’re annoying as fuck to play at home.  You can’t just hit go.  You have to sit there at the record player and flip’em over and change the disc all.the.time.

At the same time… its kinda fun to play DJ, and sit there and listen to music.  I love them during all vinyl DJ sets.  Man, two record players going at the same time is heaven with 45s.  Those stupid spindle/spider 45 adapter things in the middle are a pain.  God bless Simon for giving me that yellow one pictured above.  I had like three of them at one time, but during a DJ set at Smiths I lost a bunch.  If not for this one that Simon gave me, I’d be begging for more.  Finding a puck is impossible in 2012.  I wish I had a bead on how to make my own.  I think that would be a good cottage industry. Selling record pucks online.  The Morning After Show needs a commemorative puck! Or the Zone!

On Saturday I went record shopping with Mads and we bought three new 45s for the collection.

I saw the 4 Seasons and bought that one for Coral.  She saw the Jersey Boys play in London with Alix and has always had a spot in her heart for the music.  I saw the record and thought we needed that one in the collection.

I love the Zombies.  I have another Zombies 45, but not “She’s Not There.”

And the final one is a weird record.  I remember Alan Cross blogging about it back when he stilled worked at Explore Music.  Penny and the Quarters were a discovered R&B group that cut a demo in the early 70s.  but the record never saw the light of day… says the legend.  The man with the studio that recorded it had the original demos stuffed away on a box till he passed away.  Upon his passing, all of the tapes were sold whole-sale to some company that buys such things, I guess mining for forgotten musical treasure.  They “released” this song on a compilation of forgotten soul and R&B.

Actor Ryan Gosling heard the song and brought it to the attention of the music supervisor or director of the film Blue Valentine.  And here we are.

Neat story.  AC had a hunch that it could be a cooked up stunt from a Hollywood publicist.  But I mean… it could be real? and I hope it is.  The song is adorable.

Penny and the Quarters – “You and Me

There I am at Ditch records… see this title and go… “where do I remember this band from?” The legend floods back to me and I go, “huh…” then bought it.

“You and Me” is such a pretty and romantic song.  If the legend surrounding the song is true, it just adds so much more to the drama.  I’ll take this one on faith and chose to believe till I read otherwise.

Go with yourself.

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