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I was feeling nostalgic to hear Story of the Year‘s 2003 record, Page Avenue, specifically “Until The Day I Die.”

I punched up Spotify and noticed there was a 2013 version of the record. I hit play and it was broken down, piano, not-screamo versions of the songs.


That’s cool. Band is still plugging away….recording a new record, seeking pledges, learning how skateboard.  They wrote on their PledgeMusic site,

It’s been 6 years since our last record. We’ve been on a self imposed hiatus for much of that time, and to say it’s been confusing and difficult for all of us is an understatement.

But with darkness often comes great art, and to be certain, the sun always rises. We’re stepping out of the shadows with more passion and energy than perhaps any time in the last decade.”

I alway liked this St. Louis, Missouri band… I remember playing some of their songs on the radio back when I started on modern rock in 2003.

I’m gunna punch up the original Page Avenue now.

Go with yourself.

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Vancouver Island roots-rockers Current Swell have a new album out on May 12th called When To Talk and When To Listen.

The band shared a couple more songs form the album including “Use Me Like You Do” and the title track.

About a month ago I had the chance to interview Scott Stanton from the band….we shared some times.


In other radio news…. Meredith mocked up a Vancouver Crow Attack Season PSA!

Fun times!

Happy Friday. Go with yourself.

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I love Aussie synth bro Panama. I still listen to “Stay Forever” regularly. “Always,” “Destroyer,” he has a bunch of beauties.

His new single is called “Hope For Something.” The song will be part of a new ep by the same name out on June 23rd.

It’s about a battle with yourself. This song was a bit like therapy for me as it helped me resolve some things I had been holding on to for a very long time. Writing is, was like self-talk.” 
– Panama singer/songerwriter, Jarrah McCleary

Love it.


Happy Thursday! I’ll be DJing tonight at Match Eatery and Public House in New West if you’re looking to get after weekend early.

Easter at Grandma and Grandpa's house. 🏡 🐣

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Go with yourself.

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Happy Tuesday! Been chin deep in incredible playoff NHL hockey, fighting off the Spring rains, boxing, Eastering and always seeking new tunes.

Today I have Lione’s remix of The Knocks’ “Trouble.” It’s a fun, big sounding, vocal house song. If it ever gets sunny again in Vancouver, this will be my jam.


Hey how cool is this…my interview with Lars Ulrich of Metallica got picked up by Blabbermouth. Thanks for the shout out!


I do post a ton of electronic music. Man, DJs and producers hustle on the blogs…but I personally listen to alt-rock most the time. And an modern rock radio DJ is what I do.

I’ve had the Cold War Kids L.A. Divine banging in the CRV for a week now. Thanks Cold War Kids for still sending compact dscs to radio stations…some people still fight with the shrink wrap and pop them in the CD player.

Go with yourself.

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Maryse sent over her new ep the other day for her group Seaborne. The record is called Lustre.

Maryse sings for the Vancouver duo and Solomon Krause-Imlach produces the electronic sounds. Exclaim calls it a “unique blend of cinematic pop and innovative electronic production.”

Go with yourself.

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Happy Easter! My wife and daughter are off for tea with my sister, sister-in-law and Mom.

Jack is playing Minecraft and we’re about to head down to Grandpa’s for some playoff hockey and Easter shenanigans. I thought I’d share a playlist I’ve been jiving on for the past week or so. Some of my favourite modern rock songs. A bunch of these have shown up on the Morning After Music Blog, a few have not.

Cold War Kids sent their album LA Divine to the radio station on compact disc….vintage. It’s been splitting time in my CRV with a Japandroids radio CD too. The sound feels like it splits the difference between fun and The Killers.

The Bleachers and Sorority Noise are obsessions at this point. And that Dan Auerbach song makes me happy. Every spin, I love it a little more than the last one.


Easter Sunday high tea!

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Go with yourself.

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British rock duo Royal Blood released a new single and music video today. The song is called “Lights Out.” The song is our first real taste of their sophomore album How Did We Get So Dark? Look for the record on June 16th.

The band bashed out the instrumental versions of the song in Nashville, LA, and Brighton. Then headed off to Brussels to record the polished songs. The album was finally mixed in London.

royal blood album

How Did We Get So Dark? track listing:

1. How Did We Get So Dark?
2. Lights Out
3. I Only Lie When I Love You
4. She’s Creeping
5. Look Like You Know
6. Where Are You Now?
7. Don’t Tell
8. Hook, Line and Sinker
9. Hole in Your Heart
10. Sleep

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