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Coral and I had a very successful weekend in the land of wedding planning.

First off, we finally got around to booking our flights.  We decided to fly out of Bellingham on Wednesday evening because the flights on Allegiant Air were just $58!

Now that $58 is a super base price, Allegiant is all about the additional fees that will bring that price up quick, but still, three return flights was less than one return on Westjet.  Allegiant wins.

We’ll be heading down to Vegas on the Wednesday and coming home the following Wednesday.  Coral also is putting the finishing touches on the invites (which I know are taking forever, sorry, but they look pretty).

I bought my wedding suit!  And the ties for the Groomsmen.  Both on sale! And Coral had her dress fitting.  Madelyn’s passport should arrive late this week or more likely next week.

All that is left before we go is ordering our wedding bands.  Coral’s will be made locally at Van Isle Jewelers and mine is being ordered from Etsy.  Coral is having her bouquet and some flower arrangements made with fake flowers here in Victoria and then we’ll bring them with us to Vegas and I am in charge of wedding favours.

Funding has improved and our projections are lining up to be in a position that is allowing to us to think about some sort of reception.  Coral is trying to find something that would be fun and affordable.  There will be a reception, but will be a dinner, open bar, cocktails, appetizers, all of the above, non of the above? … well that is still being worked on and it needs to fit into our budget (which, well we have a little one, so that is nice).

Finally, we are thinking about some fun things to do in Vegas.  I know that I’ll be spending most my days trucking after Mads at the pool and the gardens.

Nights?  Well what do people want to do?  I might see if there is a show my Mom wants to do and then do that.  And I want to hit the Mandalay Bay Shark tank.  I’ll likely rent a car for at least a day, so I was thinking of hitting some off strip Casino’s and taking a drive into the desert.  And some golf might be in the cards… Sarah D. wants to do a Zip Line too.

It would be cool to go see a LV Wranglers ECHL hockey game, but their first game is the Friday after we leave!  next time.

So that is some of the plans up to today.

Go with yourself.

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