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Here is a post for Vancityrockgirl… the new Brandon Flowers’ solo record Flamingo is out today.

First listen and I must say, I do enjoy it.

The man is having a pretty good couple days.  His record has already gone #1 in the UK and it was also announced that he is expecting another young’n to his family brood.

I have always loved the Killers and so far so good, the solo stuff is as good… or maybe better than some of the Killers songs.

If you’re a Killers fan, you’ll easily get into the solo stuff.  Flowers has stated that many of the songs were destined to be Killers tracks but when the band went on hiatus, the Dad had to stay working, so solo it is.

The Zone is jamming out the lead single right now, “Crossfire” (number 1 on NME).

Picking a favourite album cut is a challenge right now during this first listen as I have enjoyed all the songs.  The opener is pretty cool… I could see it being a travel theme song for my favourite Rock Travel Agent, “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas.”

“Hard Enough” is sexual as its a duet with Jenny Lewis and she’s hipster cuteness.

“Playing with Fire” isn’t doing it for me.  Maybe he’s singing about being a Mormon or something? I don’t get it.


Skip again.

“Magdalena” might be another religious song. maybe he is singing about a Spanish sweetheart?  Lots of different southern Mexican sounds mixed into the epicnessisms of Brandon Flowers.  Songs builds into an expansive Western Film sounding song.  go Mexico!  I think A Perfect Circle rocked this subject matter harder.

Near the end of the record we get to the hit, “Crossfire.”

You already know this cut and have an opinion on it.

The record ends with “On The Floor” and “Swallow It.”

“On the Floor” calms it right down after the more energetic radio single.  trying to like it but sadly… skip.

And now the closer, “Swallow It.”

Brandon are you singing about a young lovely swallowing your knob?  Maybe its a metaphor for life, but it seriously sounds like forcing your wang down someone’s throat who might be performing oral for the first time.

Well there is no “Parental Advisory” on the cover, and he is a married family man… so I guess its a metaphor for life.  Sorry to take this to the gutter, but come on… listen to the song.

OK lets add it up.

10 songs.

3 skips.

I’ll give the record 7/10.

Brandon, you won’t be getting into UVic with that grade… but a couple years at Camosun, keep your nose to it, you might make something of yourself.

The record is overall enjoyable and if you’re already a Killers fan, I’ll put a recommend on this record.

Hey remember that time I interviewed Brandon Flowers?
Brandon Flowers Website

Go with yourself.

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Coral and I had a very successful weekend in the land of wedding planning.

First off, we finally got around to booking our flights.  We decided to fly out of Bellingham on Wednesday evening because the flights on Allegiant Air were just $58!

Now that $58 is a super base price, Allegiant is all about the additional fees that will bring that price up quick, but still, three return flights was less than one return on Westjet.  Allegiant wins.

We’ll be heading down to Vegas on the Wednesday and coming home the following Wednesday.  Coral also is putting the finishing touches on the invites (which I know are taking forever, sorry, but they look pretty).

I bought my wedding suit!  And the ties for the Groomsmen.  Both on sale! And Coral had her dress fitting.  Madelyn’s passport should arrive late this week or more likely next week.

All that is left before we go is ordering our wedding bands.  Coral’s will be made locally at Van Isle Jewelers and mine is being ordered from Etsy.  Coral is having her bouquet and some flower arrangements made with fake flowers here in Victoria and then we’ll bring them with us to Vegas and I am in charge of wedding favours.

Funding has improved and our projections are lining up to be in a position that is allowing to us to think about some sort of reception.  Coral is trying to find something that would be fun and affordable.  There will be a reception, but will be a dinner, open bar, cocktails, appetizers, all of the above, non of the above? … well that is still being worked on and it needs to fit into our budget (which, well we have a little one, so that is nice).

Finally, we are thinking about some fun things to do in Vegas.  I know that I’ll be spending most my days trucking after Mads at the pool and the gardens.

Nights?  Well what do people want to do?  I might see if there is a show my Mom wants to do and then do that.  And I want to hit the Mandalay Bay Shark tank.  I’ll likely rent a car for at least a day, so I was thinking of hitting some off strip Casino’s and taking a drive into the desert.  And some golf might be in the cards… Sarah D. wants to do a Zip Line too.

It would be cool to go see a LV Wranglers ECHL hockey game, but their first game is the Friday after we leave!  next time.

So that is some of the plans up to today.

Go with yourself.

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Called up the Flamingo today… turns out we had players club cards from our stay there last year.  turns out they were willing to crush Mandalay Bay’s already fantastic rate.  said they might even do better and to check back next month… so Flamingo it is.

Coral will now get ready on invites.  She ordered a stamp and I think it has arrived or will soon.

The scoop is, you can feel confident in booking now if you like.

Coral and Jeremy (me) are getting married on October 11th at the Flamingo in Las Vegas.  Coral and I are staying and booked at the Flamingo now, October 8th thru to 15th.

You can call anytime you like and book, they just take your credit card and charge the first night, the balance is due when you arrive.  For me, the charge was $50.

Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas

Next up will be saving a bit more money and booking our flights.  Right now the plan is to fly WestJet and fly direct from Victoria, however I am going to explore a flight from Bellingham as well as I have heard sometimes the deal is so good, its worth the ferry ride.  Vancouver friends and family might really consider Bellingham as well.

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Coral and I have always liked Mandalay Bay as our first choice of hotels for our Vegas wedding.  Vancityrockergirl had her reception there and it was pretty swank. However, when we were looking at costs, the price was prohibitive until today.

Vancityrockgirl found a price for Mandalay that puts it in the strike zone.  $119 for the weekend nights and $69 for the weeknights!  Insane.  She must have some kind of code or wizardry to get that price.

so whats that? $583 for a week in Vegas for Coral and I?  Do you think I could put the screws to Mandalay Bay and get two rooms for an even $1,000?

Needless to say, armed with this knowledge, I’ll need Flamingo to play ball if they want to be the vortex for the wedding.  Still getting married at Flamingo, but stay at Mandalay Bay?

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So it has been decided that Corj and I will be getting married on October 11th in scenic, historic Las Vegas, Nevada.

The talk was to stay at and get married at Mandalay Bay.  However, after some searching and digging… Mandalay Bay is expensive.  So… here’s what’s up.

If you are coming to the wedding, or maybe you don’t know me well enough to come to my wedding… but let’s say you were my friend… then the question is, where should we all stay?

Last May, Natalie and Tyler got married in Vegas and it was an outrageously fun time.  We stayed at the Flamingo, Coral and I know this place to be good (and likely we’ll be saying the “I do’s” in one of the gardens there).  Coral and I made a short list of Casino’s that we like for cost/pool/location/family friendliness.  What do you think?

01) Mandalay Bay – Best Pool on the strip.  Seriously, look at it from space on Google Maps, it crushes every other casino.  Sadly, one of the more expensive hotel’s and located at the beginning of the strip so not as central.

02) Flamingo – The cheapest of the decent hotels, great pool, centrally located, likely having the ceremony in the garden here.  Downside really is that Corj and I already stayed here for Nat’s wedding and we were thinking of trying a new place.

03) Monte Carlo –  Whoa… Coral and I hadn’t really thought of it till we searched “best pools in Vegas” and this place ranked just behind Mandalay Bay.   Central location, good price. ***Natalie says that is beside the City Center mega project construction which could be a problem and the pool is in shade a lot of the time.

04) MGM Grand – Epic Pool, alright rooms, a little on the more expensive side, alright location.

05) Luxor – The pyramid one.  Also down at the end, bit not as end of the strip as Mandalay Bay.  Neat rooms… alright pool, alright price.

06) Mirage – Lush pool just like Flamingo.  Centrally located, OK price.

What are your thoughts?  if you are planning on coming to the wedding, where would YOU like to stay?… and don’t be shy.  Coral and I are going to book next week or the week and your thoughts and ideas will make the difference! huzzah.

For all things travel related and especially Vegas related, hit Vancityrockgirl’s blog!

some thoughts from Vancityrockgirl that she posted on my Facebook:
of the hotel options listed, mandalay bay is definitely the best hotel and the nicest pool.
second choice would be the mirage. newly renovated rooms and pool area. their “bare” pool is very hot right now… lots of celebs.
flamingo is great, but as you said, been there, done that. so i don’t need to tell you anything about there.
luxor sucks. rooms are very old and run down and the pool area is very basic.
mgm has a great pool area, but the rooms are so-so. if you decide to stay here, upgrade to a suite. i’d avoid the basic rooms. Read More
monte carlo is a great hotel, i love it there…. and the pool area is great… but (and this is a BIG BUT) it is currently totally shaded all day long because of the mammoth construction next door at city center. the rooms are not quiet because of the construction and the pool area doesn’t get sun anymore. total bummer, but that’s why you see their rates so cheap.

lso, (and perhaps most importantly) keep in mind that when you book direct with the hotel, you can cancel your reservation with no penalty. promo codes for october won’t come out until the end of summer (prob august), so i’d book and then keep an eye out for deals and either change hotels in august/september or get your rate matched to the current promo rate.
if you book with a 3rd party (expedia etc) or a package, you will not have this option.

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