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panama wedding
Brooklyn’s Panama Wedding are back with a new song called “Infinite High.” New record is Into Focus and comes out on November 6th on Glassnote.

“Living month to month on a credit card. And there’s never quite enough, just being who we are.”


Next band was sold to me as shades of Royal Blood or Foo Fighters. Since I believe anything a PR person tells me on an unsolicited email, I hit play. Band is Armchair Committee.

“the band grabs the aggression and experimentalism from contemporary guitar music and drags it through the era of delta. The result is a dynamic blend of punk rock energy and skewed melodic blues.”


My kid singing the Batman theme.

Happy Halloween…love the holiday day even more now that I have a couple kids. The parties were fun in my 20s, but kids really bring the magic.

Go with yourself.

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