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Capital Rock City #41 is a day or two late to this blog but all the better for it (OK maybe not, but I was outta town watching the Canucks get pushed around by the Blue Jackets and picking up my fiancee from the airport).

Listen to: Capital Rock City #41

DJ notes:

01) Automatic Planet – Dead Beats
David Eleanor is batting around this band as a future Zone Band of the Month.  What do you think?
02) Something Better – Long to Tell
Performing on February 14th at the Victoria Event Center.
03) Greater Than Giants – These Kids are Acting Like Kids
Direct from Adam at Sonic 102.9, this is Deadmonton’s Band of the Month.
04) Iconcrash – The Lovers
I got an email from a Zoner named Sab who was jazzed on this Finnish group.  Did you know that Helsinki used to be a Swedish trading outpost?  huh…
05) The Bronze Age – The Box
One of my favourite former Zone band of the monthsesssesessss.
06) The Broadcaste – March of Progress
Jason from the Broadcaste emailed me the other day about a project he is working on for PR school at Royal Roads.  The press release was in some sort of Klingon file type that my computer did not recognize.  Rule One of PR school, make press releases readable.  That said, I love you Jason!

oh correction, he Facebooked me the press release too!  Huzzah!


Royal Roads Students Promote Sustainability Within Victoria
January 19, 2009
VICTORIA – A team of students in the Bachelor of Commerce program in Entrepreneurial Management at Royal Roads have developed a new promotion for sustainable businesses within the Victoria area.

The students have developed a “Green” card. The “Green” card will allow the holder to receive purchase benefits from local sustainable businesses. All proceeds from the sale of the card will go directly to Ocean Wise, a not-for-profit organization which promotes sustainable seafood consumption in restaurants.
For more information please contact the students at the_greencard@hotmail.com


Thank you for downloading!

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