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Al Ford is many things (the man that hired me for the Zone, Sonic 102.9‘s Program Director) and one of those things is rock & roll photog.

Back in 1991, a little known Seattle band came to Victoria to open for Alice in Chains and Al was there to capture it all.

Jerry Cantrell :: picture Al Ford

Jerry Cantrell's Guitars :: picture Al Ford

Layne Staley :: picture Al Ford

Eddie Vedder :: picture Al Ford

Jeff Ament :: picture Al Ford


Years later, this concert would be immortalized in Rolling Stone.

>>  Rolling Stone 10-28-93 Five Against the World by Cameron Crowe

“An early turning point came onstage at a club called Harpo’s, in Victoria, British Columbia. It was Pearl Jam’s maiden tour, their first appearance away from a nurturing audience of Seattle friends. But this Canadian crowd was far more interested in getting drunk. In midset, Vedder decided to challenge the jaded audience, to wake them up. Unscrewing the 12-pound steel base of the microphone stand, Vedder sent it flying over their heads, like a lethal Frisbee. The steel disk crashed into the wall of the back bar. They woke up.

By some accounts this story may or may not have happened.  The jury is out on to the authenticity of the actual event s of the night.  But what is true, Cameron Crowe believed it and published it in Rolling Stone!


I blogged about this show before >> Vintage Victoria Rock History
Mike Devlin’s article on Pearl Jam’s Ten >> Vancouver Sun

Rolling Stone 1993

Go with yourself my jaded drunks.

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When the family was driving around Edmonton, Alberta a few weeks ago we were listening to the modern rocker Sonic 102.9 FM.  They were doing one of those “A-Z Weekends” where the radio plays a bunch of songs from their playlist in alphabetical order.  We happened to be out-and-about early on a Friday morning for a drive to Wetaskwin so we heard Garner lead it off with the As.

On came one of my favourite Jimmy Eat World songs, “A Praise Chorus.”

Side A, track 2 from 2001’s Bleed American was the forth single from the record and for sure, the forgotten song when it comes to airplay in 2010.

When the record began its rotations, it once again piqued my interest in the song.

Jimmy Eat World is very much one of “Coral’s bands.”  When we first met, she wanted to share a band she was passionate about with me.  At first I was skeptical.  The emo music craze was very much in backlash mode and what I knew of Jimmy Eat World at the time was… well, “The Middle.”  A fun song, but to me it was just a pop radio rocker.  I didn’t appreciate the depth of their style.

It takes context to love music.  A space, place, or emotion with a song jamming out as the soundtrack.  Jimmy Eat World will always be the soundtrack to our relationship (and fun fact: Jimmy Eat World’s Futures was a break-up record for a previous relationship she was in…. neat).

“A Praise Chorus” is an uplifting song.  Its a party song.  It might even be a romantic song… I have a hard-on for the line, “I want to fall in love tonight.”

The song has some other touch points that makes this my favourite JEW song.

The artwork for the single is a map of Arizona.  Check.

The song breaks down to a “praise chorus” where a series of lines from other songs including all-time great, “Crimson and Clover” and also some lines from 90s emo stalwarts, The Promise Ring.

The Promise Ring is a cool band if you ever get the hankering to travel back in time to late 90s alternative rock and some quality emo.  Check out this song, “Why Did We Ever Meet.”

I had a point when I sat down to write this… but I’ve been flipping between Promise Ring and JEW songs and its gone.

I think I just wanted to say, hey check out “A Praise Chorus” if you don’t know the song.  Its good.

Go with yourself.

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My ears hurt after some loud metal, they need sonic medicine.  Cue up…

And because everything refers to everything else… where does Explosions in the Sky steal their title for one of their greatest songs?  If you guessed East of Eden, award yourself two scenester points.

  • “I remember that the Gabilan Mountains to the east of the valley were light gay mountains full of sun and loveliness and a kind of invitation, so that you wanted to climb into their warm foothills almost as you want to climb into the lap of a beloved mother. They were beckoning mountains with a brown grass love. The Santa Lucias stood up against the sky to the west and kept the valley from the open sea, and they were dark and brooding-unfriendly and dangerous. I always found in myself a dread of west and a love of east. Where I ever got such an idea I cannot say, unless it could be that the morning came over the peaks of the Gabilans and the night drifted back from the ridges of the Santa Lucias. It may be that the birth and death of the day had some part in my feeling about the two ranges of mountains.”

I got home from visiting Madrona FarmFarmer Nathalie took me out on the boat to sail the pond with no name and hear the frogs.  I brought the recorder machine to capture some of the sounds for the first episode of the Madrona podcast (coming soon).  Looks like the first episode will be about frogs.

Thinking about the music that I will use to tie it all together, and I am sure Explosions in the Sky will factor into the soundtrack.  I am liking the idea of Carpenter’s “Best Place” as the theme song… but what else?

So far, the first episode has me heading out to the farm to meet Nathalie at some bizarre hour after the heart pounding Canucks’ game.  She meets me at the gate and we wander across the fallow fields up towards one of the ponds.  It is dark and I bumble along.  At the edge of the pond there is a boat with one oar.  Nathalie hands me a life jacket designed for a tween and assures me that the pond may be small, but no mortal has ever found the bottom.  We heft the boat into the dark water and “paddle” to the center.  There we sit, and we wait.  Silence, and then…. slowly at first, the croak of a frog.  Then two, then four… then a crescendo of amphibian noise.

It was spectacular to be in this boat in the middle of the pond and to hear all this wonderful noise. I have not heard the playback yet, but I pray that it sounds as good recorded as it did tonight.

After the frogs, I hopped in the Jeep and bee lined for Evo to see the Zone Band of the month, Oh Snap!  Al Ford from Sonic is in town and it was good to see him again.  He was the old PD for the Zone and the man who hired me many moons ago.

After a couple songs from Oh Snap, I was on the road again to the Cambie for a 24 Hour Relay fundraiser.  The sound of the day was metal.  I arrived just in time to see Archon Legion.  You’ll know and love Archon Legion from CRC 51.  I think Captain Rhaye told me that we made another $400 for Easter Seals.  Not bad… drip drip drip and hopefully we’ll get near our goal of $10,000!

Oh…. I got a good band to help soundtrack the Madrona Farm podcast.

First Listen: The Rural Alberta Advantage

Never mind they seemed to be based outta Toronto now, they lived in the rural flat lands of Alberta and they sing about farming apparently.

Go with yourself.

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Some music getting some play on the home stereo over the past week here at the Baker homestead.

01) Frightened Rabbit
02) New York Dolls
03) MGMT
04) The National
05) All State Champion
05) Mission of Burma
07) Metric
08) The Killers
09) The Animals
09) Flo Rida

Flo Rida?  I know right…. but I bought this new single of his that features or samples or he riffs off “Right Round” as in…

How can you not love the song?

New York Dolls had a strong week because that record is new for me.  I bought it after watching the New York Doll documentary the other day.

Madelyn and I jammed out the MGMT, she seems to like that band (and oddly, The Layne Mitchel Podcast?  The Rick Lee prank calling Rick Lee… yup as funny as it sounds).

The other odd one showing up this week is The Animals.  I dunno why, just went on a Animals kick last week.  I think I heard the song “I Got to get outta this place” on the TV somewhere and it triggered a need for further audio exploration.

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Capital Rock City #41 is a day or two late to this blog but all the better for it (OK maybe not, but I was outta town watching the Canucks get pushed around by the Blue Jackets and picking up my fiancee from the airport).

Listen to: Capital Rock City #41

DJ notes:

01) Automatic Planet – Dead Beats
David Eleanor is batting around this band as a future Zone Band of the Month.  What do you think?
02) Something Better – Long to Tell
Performing on February 14th at the Victoria Event Center.
03) Greater Than Giants – These Kids are Acting Like Kids
Direct from Adam at Sonic 102.9, this is Deadmonton’s Band of the Month.
04) Iconcrash – The Lovers
I got an email from a Zoner named Sab who was jazzed on this Finnish group.  Did you know that Helsinki used to be a Swedish trading outpost?  huh…
05) The Bronze Age – The Box
One of my favourite former Zone band of the monthsesssesessss.
06) The Broadcaste – March of Progress
Jason from the Broadcaste emailed me the other day about a project he is working on for PR school at Royal Roads.  The press release was in some sort of Klingon file type that my computer did not recognize.  Rule One of PR school, make press releases readable.  That said, I love you Jason!

oh correction, he Facebooked me the press release too!  Huzzah!


Royal Roads Students Promote Sustainability Within Victoria
January 19, 2009
VICTORIA – A team of students in the Bachelor of Commerce program in Entrepreneurial Management at Royal Roads have developed a new promotion for sustainable businesses within the Victoria area.

The students have developed a “Green” card. The “Green” card will allow the holder to receive purchase benefits from local sustainable businesses. All proceeds from the sale of the card will go directly to Ocean Wise, a not-for-profit organization which promotes sustainable seafood consumption in restaurants.
For more information please contact the students at the_greencard@hotmail.com


Thank you for downloading!

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New Band: Faunts


From Adam at Sonic with love.

Check out Champion City hipsters The Faunts.

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