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Ruth from Minnesota sent over the bright vocal driven electronic song, “:Out of My Head” from Axel Mansoor.

Go with yourself.

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First up! Direct from Berlin, it’s Younotus!

Ruth from Minnesota sent over some indie pop from Axel Mansoor.

Wendel at Heroic sent over another one from WRLD.  “Stranded.”

To kick off their debut North American tour, WRLD & smle have joined heads in the track “Stranded”. The track is a fusion of two sounds, highlighting WRLD’s retro synths and smle’s luminescent future bass vibes. With the addition of Kiddo’s youthful vocals, “Stranded” comes together as electrifying and undeniably “feel good” from both upcoming artists.


Hey look at that!

Crawford-Baker baby 3
September 2017
Code name: milkshake

I’ll have to figure out how to get paid being a music blogger…can’t quit that diaper budget.

Go with yourself.

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