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Breaking bad-meth
So how about that Breaking Bad finale last night?

I was reading in Spin about one of the songs used…a sorta forgotten gem from the British group Badfinger.

One of the final scenes involved a song called “Baby Blue.”

It was a nice song. Fit the vibe.  The band themselves have a tragic story.  I think that back story adds to the gravity of the final episode of Breaking Bad.

OK… so “Baby Blue,” Blue Sky meth, I get it….but in Spin they were talking about using other blue-ish type songs on the soundtrack, like Tommy James and The Shondells‘ “Crystal Blue Persuasion.”  Now there is a 1969 song I can get behind!

It didn’t take long to find this beauty cover by Morcheeba.

and here’s the original for you. YOUTUBE

Go with yourself.

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