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This is a picture of a fountain. I love fountains.  I went to Tuscany Village last night to meet a wedding couple at a Starbucks.  It was so busy I got my Chai, found a patio umbrella and sat in the rain by a fountain.  If/when I win lotto max… my home will have a fountain in a courtyard. You can come over any time.  We’ll drink Chai.

Today, no rain… Friday sunshine…then DJing at Veneto Lounge.  So I need a Friday lounge jam that says tropics, cocktails and friendship.  Pretty much the holy trinity of good times.  Low-and-behold… Vampire Weekend‘s Chris Baio fancies himself a beat monger and is releasing an ep under his DJ name, simply Baio.  And it is a big fat check mark in sharpie on all of the above.  Lets have a listen.

Baio – “Tanto”

I dig it. I can get down to this I think….pass the Cachaça.

Go with yourself.

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