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Vampire Weekend made an old model from the early 80s famous when they selected this odd picture as the cover of their record Contra.

The person is Ann Kirsten Kennis and in 1983 she worked as a model in New York City.  This is a picture of her rocking a Ralph Lauren polo.  Cute.

I am sure her goal in 1983 was to have as many people see pictures of her as possible and be famous, but I guess something happened after Regan and now she just wants 2 million dollars from Vampire Weekend.

CNN >> Vampire Weekend Sued by ‘Contra’ Cover Model

She claims her signature on the release form was forged and that she never agreed to have the picture released.

Personally I think $2 million is a little steep, but maybe she should be paid something for having her likeness on the cover of one of the better selling albums in 2010.

From 1983 we travel further back in time to the Ohio Players’ 1975 record Honey.

Yesterday there was a story about Beavis and Butt-head coming back to MTV. And I thought about that Red Hot Chili Pepper’s cover “Love Rollercoaster” from the movie, Beavie and Butt-head Do America.

I was reading about the song and it turns out that there was quite a bit of controversy surrounding the original song.

If you punch up the album version of “Love Rollercoaster” >> HERE and scroll to the 2:32 mark of the song… you will hear a chilling scream.

There was an urban legend associated with the scream that sad that it is the scream of a woman murder in or around the studio at the time of recording and that scream was picked up on the microphones and used on the recording!

And even more fanciful story says that the model on the cover of Honey, Ester Cordet, burned herself during the cover shoot.  She poured the super heated honey all over and it disfigured her.  She burst into the studio where the Ohio Players were recording and demanded compensation… but unlike Vampire Weekend being all civil to their cover model… the manager stabbed Ester to death right there while the band was recording.  I guess it sounded so awesome they went, “meh, lets live it on the tape.”

This story is obviously not true as Ester is alive and well to this day.  Its just an urban legend.  The scream is actually Billy Beck.

Later, Jimmy Williams of the band would explain about the “scream;”

“There is a part in the song where there’s a breakdown. It’s guitars and it’s right before the second verse and Billy Beck does one of those inhaling-type screeches like Minnie Riperton did to reach her high note or Mariah Carey
does to go octaves above. The DJ made this crack and it swept the country. People were asking us, ‘Did you kill this girl in the studio?’ The band took a vow of silence because you sell more records that way.

The Chili Peppers would later cover this song in 1996 for the Beavis and Butt-head Do America film.  Its fairly early in the film when the boys head to Vegas and see this wedding/lounge band group on stage jamming out this funky Ohio Players’ classic.

Go with yourself.

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