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The new BROODS song “Four Walls” is on repeat today. The song is sad, melancholy and achingly beautiful. Their record Evergreen is set for an October release in North America.   

This line crushes, “I wanna make you feel now how I feel when I’m, missing it to love songs.”

I saw this article about being depressed but also being in a loving relationship…. I dunno, but I feel like this song touches on that?

Go with yourself.

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BROODS is a duo from New Zealand.  Their ep BROODS came out at the end of January and their single “Bridges” is starting to climb the radio charts.  Already a hit in their native country, the brother/sister team of Caleb and Georgia are seeing some success in the US.

The song has seen some huge love on Hypemachine having been posted on Earmilk.

Check out BROODS May 9th at the Media Club in Vancouver.

Produced by Joel Little, the same man that worked with Lorde, let’s  get familiar with their cut “Bridges.”

Now, everybody bounce!

Go with yourself.

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