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Win or lose, we sure have had a fun and exciting Stanley Cup playoff run in British Columbia.

The boys have the historic opportunity tonight to win the Canucks’ first ever championship in franchise history. Its kind of a surreal feeling as I’ve cheered on the team for so many years and here we are.  A couple kicks at the can.

Maybe they win, maybe they don’t… but it will be one hell of night.

I created today’s audio-montage to celebrate all the series clinchers (Chicago, Nashville & San Jose) and game winners from the Boston Bruins series.  The song is called “O Fortuna” and you’ll recognize it as a classic.  I hope you enjoy.

Go with yourself.

Game 6

Download MP3 >> Game 6

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Game 5

Its never easy being a Canucks fan. Game 4 was a challenge.  Its like the team can’t just be content with losing, there needs to be a complete collapse.  And because the rest of the world hate the Nucks, when they lose this bad, the vultures come out.

But all hope is not lost in this Canucks fan.  The Canucks have been rocked before, and they have prevailed!  To bring some inspiration I cobbled together these clips.

Game 5 and “Where the Streets Have No Name”

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