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The other day I had a good talk on the internet with Hecker’s Bar & Grill bartender Smokey Hell Nelson about the Old Fashioned Cocktail.

We were talking bourbon and he told me about his favourite, Buffalo Trace Bourbon.

The distillery where Buffalo Trace is made in Kentucky is one of the oldest in America dating back to the late 1700s!  mmm history that I put in my mouth.

Last night, I braved the rain and hit Cascade Liquor store in the Quadra Village to buy a bottle.  Beside it in the store was a bourbon called Baker’s 7!  SWA?  I should have bought that, but I was on a mission and decided to stay focused.  Next bourbon will be Baker’s.

I am trying to learn to make better media at home so I thought it would be fun to try and make a “How To” video for one of my favourite cocktails from the Veneto, The Old Fashioned!

The Old Fashioned is a bourbon based concoction with bitters, sugar, water and fruit. This recipe is loosely based on what was taught to me by Simon Ogden at the Veneto Lounge in Victoria. The cocktail is fun and easy to make, will impress your friends and lovers… and get you drunk. Enjoy.

Thank you for watching my video.  One day I’ll buy one of those fancy HD SLR things… for now… hit play.

Go with yourself.  CUT!

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