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Victoria’s Mike Edel shared a brand new song today called “Go With You.”

Mike wrote about the song, I wanted to create an optimistic indie-pop anthem for 2018’s dwindling days of summer and beyond. I began working with producer Chris Walla (Death Cab For Cutie) after sending him demos while he was living north of the arctic circle in Norway. We quickly adopted a consistency is boring mantra with the new material.  

“Go With You” is a song about change and vectoring forward into the unknown without regret. I love the synth lines and the hi-hat drums. It’s a departure for me, both sonically and rhythmically, and I’m very into it.”


Happy Friday!

DJing tonight at Match in New West then on Sunday I’ll be DJing a short set at Brewery & The Beast before moving over to the mainstage to MC. It is supposed to be 33 degrees in Vancouver. Gnarly.

Go with yourself.

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me and murge

Sunday, I got the last-minute opportunity to MC Brewery and the Beast Vancouver.

The best restaurants in the city grill up some meat and you wander around the grounds eating.

There is beer, wine, cider, non-alcoholic drinks….and then piles of grilled meats on your cedar plank.

While you soak up the sun at False Creek, you’re hearing music from the band Electric Timber Company and DJ Murge.

Murge through down this incredible re-edit of Led Zeppelin’s 1969 II era song “Ramble On.”

Go with yourself….

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coastal blackouts

Call me old fashioned, but I only trust surf rock from sunny places. Melbourne is sunny enough eh?

Paste magazine posted their “20 Best Songs of the Year (so far)” listicle…. A bunch of favourites made their cut, a reminder of a few I maybe skipped, a few new to me jammers….like Sub Pop’s Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever.

The song Paste featured is called “French Press.” They said, “at it’s core, “French Press” is a surf rock jam, but vastly different from what we’ve accepted as such on the American mainland.”

I like how Australia is an Island to America. But wouldn’t it be the mainland to like Tasmania? I dunno…maps, how do they even work?

Paste also said they were “stand outs” at SXSW back in March. I’m not cool enough to go to those things, so I have to take their word.


Hey it’s Tuesday, let me share a cocktail with you.

It was a drink I first had in Victoria when I DJ’d at Veneto made by Simon Ogden. It’s a gin based cocktail called the 20th Century.  The drink is named after an express train they chugged between New York City and Chicago during the first half of the 20th Century. It was a red-eye from NYC and could get you to Chicago in 16 hours!

You’re classic recipe says,

  • 112 ounces (1/3 gill, 4.5 cl) gin
  • 3/4 ounce (1/6 gill, 2 cl) Kina Lillet
  • 1/2 (or less, depending on taste) ounce (1/8 gill, 1.5 cl) light creme de cacao
  • 3/4 ounce (1/6 gill, 2 cl) fresh lemon juice

Shake in an iced cocktail shaker, and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon twist

Simon makes it…. equal parts (an ounce)

Shake shake shake with ice, strain…. and no twist? Simon you’re crazy! You could screw around with a garnish or presentation. Don’t be shy.

Go with yourself.

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Me and Jello visit the team of the Storm Crow podcast to drink a Beer Blade!

Dusk Pale Ale – Parkside (Port Moody)
Life California Common – 33 Acres of Life (Vancouver)
Amber Pale Ale – Dageraad (Burnaby)
Slingshot ISA – Fernie Brewing Company (Fernie)

Storm Crow is a fun time, 1619 West Broadway in Vancouver.

Here’s the time I joined Storm Crow Alliance for a podcast.

Go with yourself.

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When I’m not music blogging or playing Battlefield 1 on the Xbox (DJBOULANGER add me up!) I work at a radio station in Vancouver called CFOX.

For funsies, me and the imaging producer Jamie (aka Jello) produce an occasional craft beer show called Sip and Spin.

Last week, Jamie and I hung out with Jack from Vancouver’s Main Street Brewing. Jack was pulling their Stag & Pheasant Imperial Stout out of bourbon barrels, where it had been aging for a year!

Maybe you’ll take a second to watch. Hey, maybe you like craft beer from Vancouver and you’ll consider sharing. Maybe.

Go with yourself.

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So you’re going to the Pacific National Exhibition and you just don’t have time to mess around. I feel you.  Here are the three best things to eat at the 2016 PNE.

01) The Legendary Pickle Dog from Chicky’s Chicken. It’s a hot dog, in a pickle, then corn dogged. I enjoy mine with mustard, the kid likes it with ketchup.

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#PickleDog! #PNE @pne_playland

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02) The Fat Elvis from Rocky Point Ice Cream. It’s chocolate ice cream, banana, peanut butter, jam all smushed in a brioche bun and grilled. Messy. Good.

03) Delicious beer from the Craft Beer Fest. All that walking and show home viewing will make you thirsty. Visit the Craft Beer Festival for a tasty beer brewed right here in British Columbia.

Lately my favourite beer has been from Richmond’s Fuggles & Warlock. D&D fantastical branding, yummy Strawberry Wit.

The next BEST time to hit the PNE will be Tuesday, August 30th for Monster Truck.

And now, here’s a picture of The Sheepdog who played the CFOX presents show on the 23rd.

Go with yourself.

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Back from Las Vegas….I checked my email…there were too many. I swear I get more emails from bands wanting to be featured on this music blog than I do hits of people checking out the tunes. One email did catch my eye this morning. New music from The Head and the Heart.

Let’s be Still is one of my favourites. So many wonderful memories listening to this album on road trips with my Coral and Madelyn and even Jack when he was just a little baby.

New album is called Signs of Light and is out on September 9th. The first feature is called “All We Ever Knew.” If you’re a fan of the band, you’ll easily be able to tuck into this familiar sounding THATH cut.

The band is playing a bunch of folk tests this summer…but sadly not the Vancouver one.

August 7th they’ll be in Edmonton? Damn, just before my summer holidays. Might have almost been worth a trip to visit my wife’s family.


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Buckets. 🌴🏊🏻🍺 #PeachesGotRobbed #DayBeats

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Coral and I are back in Vancouver after a fun and action filled 4-ish plus days in Las Vegas. We stayed at the Flamingo which we love (most the time). This time we made the mistake of letting the front desk guy “upgrade” us to a deluxe “Go Room” for ONLY $20 a night. And that room put us above Drai’s outdoor pool night club thing. So that didn’t really feel like an upgrade when it was bed time. Other than that little hiccup Vegas was it’s Vegassy self.

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Drinking "Coral Crush" outside @beerparklv. 🌴

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Lots of expensive slushy booze cocktails, pool action ($240 US tabs in beers and cocktails…oh boy), beers (beer lists are starting to improve), cocktails, and some mighty fine dinners.

They loved smashing their top 40 EDM in Las Vegas. We wake up to Day Beats in the Go Pool, and went to bed with them smashing at 3AM from Drai’s. I enjoyed hearing other people DJ for a change and heard a few nice remixes I’ll want to add to the set at the casino I DJ at in New West.

We didn’t go to any nightclubs ourselves…we kinda stuck to diners, wanderings and cocktail bars. Loved hitting downtown Vegas to get away from those Lucas Graham edm remixes.

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What is going on here?

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Cocktails on the patio at Park on Fremont.

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The patio at Park on Fremont was everything those listicles on Thrillist said it would be. Funky, good tunes, good cocktails/price, and excellent mac & cheese balls. The jalapeño fried up in there was nice.

Park played music like this.

Commonwealth was cool too…but I preferred the cocktails in Park or The Griffin.

They apparently have a beauty rooftop patio but it was not open when Coral and I stumbled by…I guess we’ll have to go back.

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Lunch. @beerparklv

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On the Strip we went to Beer Park at Paris. They played a modern rock playlist that sounded like something I’d jam on CFOX. Alright, Budweiser inspired “craft” beer list…if that makes sense? Food was delicious, patio was ace and hey…right on the Strip.

We were crushed when on the last night we wanted to eat at Dos Caminos in Palazzo and discovered it was closed. That was the restaurant where we had our wedding reception. But they’ve changed up their offerings. We were gunna settle for a skirt steak at Border Grill in Caesars…and I don’t care what people tell you…things DO close in Las Vegas. Huh. Ended up at Carmines for a GIANT plate of spaghetti. Like GIANT.

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We rode a rollercoaster!

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And we totally rode a roller coaster!

Coral spent a lot of time on this trip dreaming up the next one! Maybe I need to track down a DJ gig in Vegas. They sure have a lot of them playing music all over the place. Make it a work/fact finding mission.

Go with yourself.

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Off to Las Vegas in a couple days (one more radio show, one more DJ gig in Victoria). I have already posted up a little itinerary of things I wanna get up to with Coral. It’s hard not to over plan…really I want the trip to be about hanging out, resting, drinking, and finding adventure. But having an idea of what to do will be clutch when our adventure needs a little help being found.

My boss Ronnie recently got back from Vegas and sent me his faves!

Fogo De Chao (off strip – Brazilian steakhouse – my fave)


Carmines in the Forum Shops (New York style Italian – shared meals – life changing – order the country style pasta)

Red 8 – expensive Chinese at the Wynn – very good

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Making good decisions

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Best breakfast – Hash House A Go Go in The Linq

Best buffet – Wynn by a mile


Jeezus….so many places to eat at. Coral will love the Italian place and probably the Buffet at the Wynn. There’s no way we can do them all….but I’d be doing a disservice if I didn’t find myself in something on this list.

And a song? Working on some playlists to soundtrack out party week in Vegas. Disclosure should make the cut.

Go with yourself.

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Jam opened a new location in Vancouver on Beatty….I walked by it the other day around 11AM…and it was not too busy. Returned today with Jack and Coral, lined up down the block. Bullshit man.

No worries…Meat & Bread was just down the street, so we went there. Great tunes smashing while we ate meatball sandwiches.

Go with yourself.

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National Caesar Day…is TODAY! I can get behind that. The savory, boozy cocktail was invented in Calgary (as the legend goes) in 1969.

I chatted with Trevor Kaillies. He is the Bar & Beverage Director for the Donnelly Group in Vancouver and President of the BC Chapter of the Canadian Professional Bartenders Association. He hopped on CFOX to offer up some fun and simple ways to make your home Caesar sparkle.

And a tune to sip your Caesar with? A bright remix of The Caesars, on a bright patio May day in Vancouver!

Go with yourself.

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