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I woke up this morning and got my daughter off to school. My son was playing with his toys and I flicked on the TV. One of the movie channels was show this 2011 Canadian film called Cafe de Flore.

It was a pretty cool movie about two seemingly unrelated story. A Montreal DJ separated from his wife while pursuing a new relationship with a woman named Rose. Whole the movie also followed the story of Jacqueline. a single mother in 1960s Paris.

Neat movie. I loved the music. There is a song that the DJ Antoine likes that his kids make fun of. It is a sigur rós called “Svefn-G-Englar.”

It was the Icelandic groups first single. It’s a beautiful song…. the lyrics are wonderful and strange.


There is a music anachronism in the movie. There is a records that connects the 1960s Paris to the modern day Montreal. An album that features music by Matthew Herbert and more specifically a song called “Cafe de Flore” (hense the title of the movie).

Laurent is obsessed with the song and often has his mother Jacqueline play it for him. The song eventually makes him think of Vero (his school crush). The song is not a 60s jigle, but rather a song from Herbert’s musical project Doctor Rockit and off his 2000 record, Indoor Fireworks.

In the modern times you see Antoine messing about with the record and having a connection with it.

Go with yourself.

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