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I love reading all the year end lists and going back to listen to stuff that skipped over me here at the radio factory.

I wanna start with Waxahatchee.  Pitchfork “Best New Music’d” Katie Crutchfield’s second record Cerulean Salt.  First off, I like the word cerulean.

Rolling Stone had her record at 36.
Spin at 20.
And Paste put her song “Swan Dive” at 43.

I love the song “Coast to Coast.”

So pretty.

Next up Caitlin Rose.


Spin described her style as “Here we have She and Him, if She killed Him: Millennial garage rock doesn’t get sweeter, sourer, or more delicately ferocious than this shattered-glass menagerie of bar-brawl-gospel torch songs and gleeful emotional arson.”

Uhhh that sounds awesome.

Spin said this song should be on the TV Show Nashville.

Also so pretty.  I’ll play this for Coral and see if she likes.

Go with yourself.

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