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I saw this song trending on Hype Machine today liked the sunshiny vibes.

The artist is Chase McBride and the San Francisco musician’s new album Green Shade is out today.

The current single is called “The Color Blue” and features the vocals of Sean Hayes.

The song seems to have the vibes of wanting to jump into a new relationship and enjoying the process.

Earmilk had this quote.

I wrote the initial parts for this song while house sitting in Joshua Tree. I had a pared-down recording studio taking over a guest bedroom and was indulging myself by experimenting with electric guitar tones and staring out onto an empty portion of the desert. I was listening to a lot of JJ Cale at the time and speaking with a friend of mine who was struggling with a new relationship, continuously getting ahead of himself and projecting too far into the future. It was a reminder for me to enjoy the present moment, and resist attaching myself to my own expectations. The chorus lyrics reflect that sentiment, ‘I don’t want to move too slow, if this is touch and go, I want to feel it too’. It’s about truly living in a moment–taking life, relationships, or whatever else is happening one step at a time.” – Chase McBride

Go with yourself.

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