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That Cheat Codes song “Sex” is a popular one when I’m DJing. Must get requested every week.

The LA based electro group teamed up with some heavy hitters in David Guetta and Robin Schulz. The song is called “Shed a Light.” The press release says, Underlined by a catchy, driving beat and slowly building, beautifully anthemic strings, “Shed a Light” shines its perpetual, crystal clear light to counter the impending darkness. More than anything the deeply moving song sends a message of hope, urging fans to heed the call of our hearts. 

Awww,  I need to answer the call of my heart more often.



Party stays in LA. This artist is called Phi Nix. She’s originally from Holland but brought her sound to Southern California.

This song is called “Loyal.” The press says, She’s got sweet jazzy vocals over subtle trap and future bass inspired synths. 

Go with yourself.

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