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We’ve been enjoying the other pride of Wasilla, Alaska, Portugal, The Man on the Zone.  The current single is “Purple Yellow Red and Blue.”  Trolling the US modern rock charts the other day, I saw that “Modern Jesus” is getting a few spins.  Well, we better punch that up.

I like that. Bounces along nicely.

Check out this remix from Charli XCX.


Alan Cross posted a pretty great article about Punk Rock in 1996.  Maximum Propagandhi! He also talk about Indie Pop, is that even a thing?


Lastly… I did notice that Sir Sly is getting some radio love with their song “Gold.”  I have always dug these guys.  They remind me a bit of The Neighbourhood.

The Hype behind these guys has been building for awhile… check out this “next big thing” article form over a year ago!  Part of me thinks I have posted this article before, deje vu.

AC was wondering if “indie pop was a real genre, well check out their label Neon Gold says,  “a monochromatic blend of vigilante pop.” Vigilante pop?

Pitch.com had a chance to interview the guys a couple weeks ago.  It’s worth a read.  Writer Natalie Gallagher asks lead singer Landon jacobs about the song “Gold.”

“Really, that song … it’s funny because we wrote that song, and I was over at dinner at Hayden’s apartment, and he was like, “Oh, you have to hear this new artist that’s coming out. You have to hear this song. It’s called ‘Royals’ by this girl named Lorde.” And I heard it and went, “Hey, lyrically, that’s the same thing that we’re doing in ‘Gold,'” and so it’s kind of a funny coincidence.

Obviously, that song is the most massively famous song of 2013, but it has some of those same internal-monologue questions that we ask in our music. Like: “What is success? What do I want out of life? out of music?” All those kinds of things. “How do we define success?” And then, “What is my dream?” It’s a little bit sarcastic, that line specifically. The rest of the song is kind of a sincere search into the things around that theme.”
It’s time to go, but before I do… let’s keep on the Neon Gold train with London’s CHPLN.  Song is called “White Snow.”

the write up from Neon Gold: “Meet CHPLN, two new chaps out of South London. Their debut single, “White Snow”, floats in quietly and settles on you like the first flakes of winter, calm and composed as the track springs to life over sinfully smooth harmonies and frosty nocturnal transmissions. With shades of Metronomy and Hot Chip swirling together in and amongst the classic aura of Jungle, it’s the perfect soundtrack to a brisk walk home after a wildly introspective night on the town.”

That is super cool.

Go with yourself.

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