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It was a weekend of rock & roll for this Island dwelling disc jockey.  It began Friday night with living legend Chris Cornell.

Cornell is the frontman for Seattle rockers Soundgarden.  Later he would front Audioslave and he has also released numerous solo-projects and lent his vocals to Temple of the Dog.

At the end of April, Chris Cornell performed a magical collection of songs at the sold-out Royal Theatre. He played a set that featured a diverse range of hits from his bands, solo creations and covers.

My brother CJ had the ear for the covers and picked them all out.  The one that struck a chord with me the most was his take on Bruce Springsteen‘s 1982 song, “State Trooper.”  You’ll find that song as cut 1, side 2 off the record Nebraska.

Bruce Springsteen – “State Trooper”

The stripped down, ghostly, folky Boss original is of course a classic… but when Chris Cornell launched into it live at the theatre; he injected it with a much needed shot of anger and desperation.  As he yelped “Please don’t stop me…” wow.

I am not sure what exactly the original is about.  I think CJ told me it might about being drunk-driving and getting pulled over.  But I think it is more about someone needing to get somewhere quickly and the last thing they need right now is some agent of the government getting all righteous and holding them up.

Go with yourself.

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