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Swedish duo Shpresa and Cole are Flora Cash. They describe the style as akin to Fleet Foxes or Bon Iver. I’d buy that.

Their song is called “Sadness Is Taking Over” and as Cole said in an email the song, “seems pretty fitting for this week after this gutpunch of an election.”

They say the song is “attempting to express inner thoughts and inner feelings in a way that feels less like dialogue between two people and more like eavesdropping on the private voices of their psyches.”


The song is dark, but they seem fun!

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It was pouring rain in Vancouver last weekend (what else is new right?).

I dragged my daughter up the Coquitlam Crunch…she didn’t love it the whole way. At one point she was fighting off crying and I pulled a Dad power move… “don’t cry, fight it off.” But then checked myself and went all newage 2016 Dad…”no, cry it out.”

She did, and was all smiles for the walk down the mountain. huh.

Go with yourself.

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