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give us a break
Back in the day I was in a band called Smut Peddling Sam, and I had a radio show on the University of British Columbia’s CiTR that played predominately Canadian punk, rock, metal, indie….that sorta thing.  Living in the world put me in contact with a bunch of bands of the era.

My band released just one song and it showed up on the 2001 Spawner Records/Hourglass Records compilation Give Us a Break II.

Spawner collected a couple hundred bucks from a ton of bands, packed a compact disc full of tunes, then gave the discs away for free at Warped Tour stops.

The disc is full of great (mostly) Western Canadian bands of the early Oughts.  I think a song that might be of interest to modern rock fans today would be this cut from a group called My Buddy Dave.  The band featured a young Tyler Bancroft who would go on to form Said The Whale.   US readers to the blog might recognize “I Love You” which charted on US Modern Rock Radio last summer and is featured in this Samsung Galaxy commercial.

OK, Said The Whale… hot band in the year 2014.  Now let’s travel back to 2001.  Can you hear Tyler singing?


One more off that record because I still love the song to this day.  Calgary’s Darryl’s Grocery Bag and the song “Do You Like My Van?”

Go with yourself.

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