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This Dashboard Confessional meme came up on my instagram feed, so I’ll revisiting 2001 The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most.

But I *feel* like there was a different version of that “Screaming Infidelities” music video from an old Vagrant music video compilation DVD.

Whatever, it was a bunch of years ago…I might be confusing videos.

Happy Friday!

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twin forks
Have you ever sat around your office punching up old music video’s from 2001 and thought “I wonder what happened to that chick in the ‘Screaming Infidelities‘ music video?”

Actually… what happened to Chris Carrabba?

Maybe he read that Mumford & Sons were going on hiatus and charged into the breach?

The Dashboard Confessional frontman has a new band called Twin Forks.  The Georgia Straight says the music has a celebratory feel.  Twin Forks will roll into Victoria on November 25th for a show at Club 9one9.

Now have a listen to this!

Go with yourself.

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