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Gnarly boogie: Deap Vally


“What you call love baby, I call hell!”

California desert boogie rockers Deap Vally wail… loving their new song “Baby I call Hell.”

Here they are talking about the song to Spin;

Julie Edwards: We didn’t realize the acronym for this song was BICH until we were releasing the song as a single, and people we work with were sending emails back and forth about “BICH artwork.”

Lindsay Troy, guitar/vocals: This is the first song we wrote as Deap Vally — it’s very true to the form of how we initially conceived it. That song was a really simple blues riff that I came up with, and we just wrote a song around it. It’s our set opener, and it’s Deap Vally — it’s the genesis of our band.

Go with yourself.

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