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Coral and I watched the romantic comedy Two Night Stand the other day. The movie was alright….it ended weird.

But there was one great standout moment during their “two night stand” where Analeigh and Miles are jamming some records and Dramarama’s “Anything, Anything,” came on. Damn I love that cut. Analeigh Tipton trashes around for a bit and the movie carries on. But after the film, I couldn’t help but positively reflect on Beach Slang‘s most excellent cover.

Another song from the soundtrack that caught our attention was this oldie from Charli XCX. “Nuclear Seasons.”

Go with yourself.

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I am obsessed with Philly punker Beach Slang‘s cover of Dramarama’s “Anything Anything.”

Beach Slang are prepping their debut Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us for Polyvinyl.

To help get us amped for that October 30th record, the band created a covers mixtape for Cassette Store Day on October 17th. Here is one of the songs from that ep, a cover of Dramarama’s 80s alternative anthem “Anything Anything.”

Lead singer James Alex talks about the project.

I’ve always been sort of clumsy. Mostly, meaning socially. That’s tricky business when you’ve got a big, gooey heart. But, yeah, when I can’t quite figure out how to say a thing to someone, I make tapes for them. I need them to know how much I mean it, you know? That’s what this is: me letting you know how much I mean it. Every drunk sing along, every sweaty hug, every shirt you wear, record you grab, letter you write, thing you say…it’s a really wild heart-sweller. Thank you for all of it.

For Volume I, I landed here. I mean, lots of songs mean something to me. These six mean a whole lot. I hope they will to you. If you already know them, play them loud and remember it all. If you don’t, I hope they feel like something you’ve been waiting for.

Some people tell me I overly romanticize rock & roll. That I have too much of a dreamer head. I’ve never apologized for that. Nah, not even once.

Right on,
James Alex

This song is on repeat. I will HAVE to be at this show.

11/10 – The Cobalt – Vancouver, BC

Other Pacific Northwest shows.
11/9 – The Vera Project – Seattle, WA
11/11 – Analog Cafe – Portland, OR
Go with yourself.

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