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The 808s and telecasters group, Eighty Ninety, shared a new song last week. The track is called “Your Favorite Song.”

Brothers Abner and Harper James are getting ready to release their second ep, Bowery Beach Road, this fall.

Found the original lyric sheet for "Your Favorite Song" 💐 on @spotify now 💚

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It’s been awhile since we’ve hit play on a song from Eighty Ninety.

The boys from New York that bang out delicate chill indie on “808s and telecasters” put out a ep last fall called Elizabeth. The 3 songer features the MAS blogged “Three Thirty,” plus the “Heart Breaker” and “Fading.”

They recorded a short live concert video where they show off the ep.

The music sounds pretty slick on the Spotify, but I prefer sharing this concert video as it adds little more depth to their modern lite-rock sound. Plus you’ll see those telecasters and 808s in action AND live drums.


We had a DUMP of snow in Vancouver on the weekend. We’re expecting some more today before it finally starts to warm back up. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

Trekking with Madelyn earlier today.

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eighty ninety

This is different and really pretty. The pair of brothers go by Eighty Ninety and don’t say too much about themselves.

They’re based out of New York…one of them might have or does work in film?

This song is light…or lite? Now lite looks too much like Coors Lite….light.

Link in bio // image by @alinacorbett

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