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Don’t really hear too much rock & roll from Mainland Europe.  I can think of one Belgian band you will super occasionally hear on the Zone.  K’s Choice!  Nice.

France has a couple… Phoenix being the most famous to modern rock listeners in Victoria recently.

Bossman John pulled me into the office to share this band with me… its another garage rock duo (garage rock duos are so hot right now).

The band from Belgium is called The Black Box Revelation.  Wonky name, but maybe it sounds better in Flemish?

I can’t remember the song John played in his office for me now… but I did track down their most recent single for you, from their album that comes out… today actually… My Revelation.

The Black Box Revelation – “My Perception”

Download MP3 >> BBR – My Perception

Groovy… sounds like The Black Keys… but Belgian.



New Chevelle.  Their new record comes out in December.  First single is called “Face to the Floor.”

Chevelle – “Face to the Floor”

Download MP3 >> Chevelle – Face to the Floor

Right, its “hard rock.”  Lush production, crunchy guitar hook, wealthy white English-speaking males whining about stuff… hits all the receptors in the brain you’d expect.

I’ve always liked Chevelle… they never re-write the book on a rock & roll songs, but it all sounds like pretty, organized, distortion… processed to the tit.  Easy on the head.

Go with yourself.

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