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Chill Christmas beats from 19-year-old Austrian producer filous. We’ll remember filous from his real nice Hollow Coves remix last fall.

On this track, “Let It Snow,” Matthais Oldofredi crafts a very subtle spin on the Christmas standard. The song delivers maximum chill for a frosty night. With the cold temperatures and Christmas vibes I’m experiencing in Vancouver right now, I love it.

Billboard describes the song “a beautiful, heart-wrenching song featuring vocals from Buster Moe alongside a knee-slapping beat and tons of harmonica.”

This song is going in my holiday set.

Go with yourself.

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hollow coves

Brisbaneese (but based out of Toronto?) indie folk band Hollow Coves have a beautiful remix by filous of their song “Heatwaves” topping the pops on Hype Machine right now.

And the original to compare.

filous is on tour with RAC and will be in Vancouver on November 26th for a show at the Commodore Ballroom.

Go with yourself.

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