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Skate Punk
Frank Turner, I already love you… why do you keep making me love you more?

The British Punk Bard, Frank Turner is showing up on a compilation called Skatepunk for Southbank and he covers…. The Weakerthans?  Wow.

See Frank Turner in Vancouver on October 20th at the Commodore.

Go with yourself.

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Punk-Folk Frank Turner

Frank Turner first showed up on Tea Time with Jon Williams… since then, the man branded as “Folk-Punk” has started gaining some traction on Canadian modern rock.

Jon said, after playing this song one time on his show, he received half-a-dozen emails from people wondering, “what was that?”

I can get behind that… he mines the folk style currently dominating popular rock and roll, but adds a little more brain power, and a light punk rock edge.  I hate myself for saying, “a light punk edge.”  But that’s the best way to explain it.

Turner’s fifth record, Tape Deck Heart is out on April 23rd…. if the single is any indication, it should be a fun record.

Frank Turner recently put out a short documentary called The Way I Tend To Be.  He talks a little bit about a British man of privilege who rejected that scene for punk rock.  He went to Eton College in the UK but fell in with hardcore.  He says in the documentary that maybe 3 kids knew what that was.

Here’s a guy that could be, I dunno… what do Eton kids go on to?  Rule Empires?  The dude decided to embrace the DIY scene and toured around earning 50£ a night if he was lucky.  Hard work, quality song craftsmanship, and timing and he’s on the radio on the other side of the world.  The sun doesn’t set on Frank Turner.

If you’re a fan of Frank Turner’s style, this documentary is worth 16 minutes of your life.

Go with yourself.

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