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I used to LOVE Coheed and Cambria. I still routinely light up In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3. Seeing them at Richards years ago when Claudio lost his voice and the fans basically sang every song for him is a show I still fondly remember.

I kinda thought the band was done till I read this story about Claudio and his wife returning from an extended travel adventure to find their rural home was turned into a major grow-op while they were away.

They came home to deal with that and welcome the birth of their child. And write a new record. New Coheed comes out on October 9th and will be called The Color Before The Sun. Here’s the single “You’ve Got Spirit, Kid.”


The song came on next from Soundcloud. Older alt-pop song from Australian group Gold Fields. It’s fun.

Happy Friday! Go with yourself.

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