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The Gooch Palms are neat. Cheryl sent over the Newcastle, Australia band’s cover of the 90’s alt rock Much Mega Hit, “Tomorrow.”

The New South Wales band is from the same area as Silverchair and said growing up it was neat to see a band from their town dominate internationally.

“We were both big fans of Silverchair and it was so crazy seeing three kids from our hometown get so big all over the world and definitely lit a fire inside both of us
to give music a crack! So we played it live on that last Aussie tour and it went off
so after we got back from Europe we decided to pop into the studio and record it.”

Now, we just gotta do something about those Ducks and Rams jerseys. Rough.

It’s cold in Vancouver (by our standards) but sunny and bright! It’s actually kinda lovely.

Go with yourself.

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