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I will admit that I am new to the Southern California patio party that is GRMLN.  There is considerable hype for the 19-year old guitar player making hazy retro sounding jangles, but it wasn’t till I saw a song called “Coral” that I took notice.  Barf, I know.

Now, the song isn’t about a girl named Coral.  Its about a place, but pretty none the less.  Talking to Spinner:

“‘Coral’ was actual written and recorded on the same day, which was the final day before I left for my freshman year of college in Santa Cruz. The weird feeling I had of moving away might have influenced the feel of the song, but the song was originally about a place that I visited almost every day during that summer before moving. Even though it sounds cheesy, I guess the song’s about how even though people constantly move throughout their whole lives, they have that one place that they always come back to and feel comfortable, no matter when they go back.”GRMLN

Cool cover art right?  I wanna drive on that road. AND What?  A Teen Daze Remix? Shut the front patio door!


Halloween was a great time. My daughter Madelyn was dressed as a princess (or occasionally she referred to herself as a baroness).

We went out to Cordova Bay to meet with some other kids form the preschool.  The rain held off, Todd had some firecrackers, Michael had some old roman candles and the candy was had.

Sadly, maybe too much candy was had as Mads woke up in the night and barfed and barfed.  but bless her little soul, she ran to the bathroom and got it in the sink.  Still, so gross.

OK, November… here we go.

Go with yourself.

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