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Today I was thinking about Alice in Chains for some reason…. and it got me thinking back to the Alice in Chains Best of/VHS thing “Music Bank.”

The first video is an old documentary that Seattle TV station, King 5, did about Alice in Chains when they were first coming up.  Its such a spooky thing to watch now knowing how the band got what they set out for… then the tragedy that befell many of the members since.

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Seattle is known by many of us as the place where grunge music comes from. But long before the Seattle scene of the late 80s and early 90s, there was another rock and roll scene going on.

In the late 50s and early 60s, Seattle was home to a bunch of garage rock bands.  One of my favourites is a group that some people consider one of the first punk rock bands, The Sonics.

The Sonics were known for the fast and hard playing.  Simple chord progressions and darker themed song lyrics.  They also covered many of the garage rock staples of the time, including one of the more famous versions of “Have Love, Will Travel.”

I was flipping through the 45s bin at Ditch Records today with Madelyn when I spotted a couple Norton Record‘s re-issues of The Sonics.

I picked up their hits “Witch” and “Psycho.”  And look at that, the b-side to “Psycho” is “Have Love, Will Travel.”

I continue to flip and find an old Black Keys’ 7-inch that features “The Moan”… b-side, “Have Love, Will Travel.”

$20 later, I have a collection of Sonics 45s, a Black Keys… and what the heck, The Kingsmen doing “Louie Louie” for good measure.

The Black Keys are one of the biggest bands in Modern Rock right now… formally topping The Modern Rock Countdown here in Victoria; and currently Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart.

The Black Keys – “Have Love, Will Travel”

Go with yourself.

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