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The interview begins with Marcus, Winston and I reflecting on the last time I had chance to see the boys in Squamish, British Columbia for a festival in 2015. They talked about the wild drive up the Sea-to-Sky highway while the Jurassic Park theme rattled around their heads. Then they talked about skinny dipping?

Back on the rails, the band talked about mixing their fourth album, Delta, in New York City and they will be listening to the final mix tonight. the record will be out on November 16th.

The album’s title, Delta, comes from the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet but also the idea of a fertile river delta.

Marcus and Winston talk about some of the sounds we’re excited to hear. Making music for an album experience, Winston touring with an Austrian band, HVOB, and bringing some vibes back to Delta, and we wrap it up talking about the idea of the guiding light in the song “Guiding Light.”



Go with yourself.

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