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Sir Sly‘s sophomore record Don’t You Worry, Honey is out tomorrow (June 30th).

I’ve been jamming Sir Sly for a bunch of years and loved those early blog hits and the first album, 2014’s You Haunt Me.

I had the opportunity to yap with drummer/programmer Hayden Coplan. We talked about the new album but I wanted to get a bit of the backstory. The vibe I get is that Hayden and lead singer Landon Jacobs go back…and it turns out they do. They grew up together in Orange County, went to the same church, and played in a variety of short lived highschool bands.

It wasn’t till Landon graduated college and he made the decision to focus 100% on music that Sir Sly was born.

Hayden and I also talked about the new record. I asked him to tell me something interesting to listen for on the new record. He told me they are playing around with a bunch of samples buried in the songs and Landon’s lyrics are open with a narritive that ties the record together.

Thank you for your time Hayden!

Go with yourself.

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