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I have more than a couple jammers to share.  All very bright, booty-shaking, catchy, poptastical cuts.  Almost all these songs were recommended to me by quality folks and now I’m passing them on to you.

Our musical journey begins East of the rockies in a little burgh that maybe you’ve heard of… Cincinnati. This fine metro of 2 million folks straddling the Ohio/Kentucky border is famous for WKRP, Ocho Cinqo and soon to be dance-rockers Walk the Moon.

My girl Scotty Fraser said I HAD to check out the song “Anna Sun.”

Walk the Moon – “Anna Sun”

Download MP3 >> 01 Anna Sun

 Growing up in Coquitlam…me and my friends would play “guns.”  Basically we trolled the neighbourhood fighting an epic war between the righteous and the not so righteous.

What if someone took our imagination and made a music video?  My friend Paul tracked this music video down from the band Is Tropical and went, SWA?  Holy shit right!?!  Did those kids just cut another kid’s head off in cartoony gory violence?  I think so.

Do these London cats have it dialed in sans rad music video?  I was feeling it.  I seriously want to make-out with Paul for sharing this song with me.  no wait… errrr.  You know what I mean. or do you?

Trolling the net I found this poignant prose in regards to Is Tropical’s music video and quotes George Carlin circa 1988:

“It’s a great country, but it’s a strange culture… This has got to be the only country in the world that could ever come up with a disease like bulimia; gotta be the only country in the world where some people have no food at all, and other people eat a nourishing meal and puke it up intentionally. This is a country where tobacco kills four hundred thousand people a year, so they ban artificial sweeteners! Because a rat died! You know what I mean? This is a place where gun store owners are given a list of stolen credit cards, but not a list of criminals and maniacs! And now, they’re thinking about banning toy guns — and they’re gonna keep the fucking real ones!

Strange culture indeed.

Is Tropical – “The Greeks”

Download MP3 >> 08 The Greeks

… and because France has it figured out right now in electro-pop, I found out Is tropical is on a record/fashion label called Kitsune Maison.  Same label as Zone modern rockers Two Door Cinema Club.  There I found this glittery remix of the hot single “What You Know.”

Two Doors Cinema Club – “What You Know (Mustang Remix)”

Download MP3 >> 1-05 What You Know (Mustang Remix)

This party stays overseas in the domain of the Gold Panda from London.

Crystalhead sent me this mighty remix of Gold Panda’s “Marriage (Star slinger Remix)”

Download MP3 >> 01 Marriage (Star Slinger Remix)

I like the song.  Its very bright.  A little punchier than a lot of other chillwave.

mmmm, cocktails… that’s what pairs nicely with these beats.

Thank you friends for sharing some great new music with me.  Go with yourself.

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