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beach slang

Trying really hard to not throw more shit on my VISA. It all adds up…t-shirts, concert tickets, songs from iTunes, parking, bridge tools, I bought a book yesterday! But c’mon! New Beach Slang pre-order is so pretty and just $20 (US dollars, but whatever).

And for my homeboy Tyson…yes they have a cassette option for $8.


In other news…. I am obsessed with JEFF The Brotherhood‘s “Idiot.”


What else is going on….I gotta get an Ellice Blackout thing up for you sometime.

I miss Friday nights. Like the vibe. The energy. Getting paid, then rolling hot.

Go with yourself.

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Nashville’s JEFF The Brotherhood‘s new record, Zone, is out on August 12th.

Big, fuzzy, hazy guitar rock riffage over dry humorous lyrics.

They released a third share song off the upcoming record today called “Roachin.” The song features another Tennessee singer, Bully’s Alicia Bognan. Remember, I recently got into them after seeing the rockers at Pemberton.

And you know what, the previous share songs are rad, so let’s revisit “Idiot” and “Punishment.”


Back on the Island today…. wedding at Sea Cider, then a little hike/over night camp with  my daughter, then back to Vancouver Sunday for a DJ gig supporting Daniel Wesley performing a FREE patio set at Personas at the Grand Villa Casino.

Go with yourself.

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We’ve been watching a ton of How To Get Away With Murder…Coral looked up a song used in a scene the other day. A dark, industrial, electronic sounding song. The artist was Ki:Theory.


I like my garage rock and I love JEFF The Brotherhood. Nashville bros Jake and Jamin Orrall are getting set to release a double record in November called Global Chakra Rhythms. First single is “Radiating Fibre Plane.” It’s a chill meandering guitar driven rock & roll song. Perfect for you fall drive playlist.


Hit What’s Up? Hot Dog! again this weekend with the family. Hot dogs, beers, pinball…and of course some good tunes blasting. This week The Muffs caught our ear.

Happy voting day tomorrow! Hope all my Canadian friends get out there and exercise some freedom!

Go with yourself.

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Fuzz rockers JEFF The Brotherhood released a music video for their Wasted on The Dream single “Black Cherry Pie.”

The video is an homage to the Hall & Oates video “She’s Gone.”

God damn that flute…. beautiful.

Go with yourself.

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Fired up SPIN today. New JEFF The Brotherhood song today. Nice.

The Nashville duo has a new record out on March 10th called Wasted on the Dream.

They said on SPIN,  “We’re more proud of this record than any record we’ve made before. It’s the most time we’ve ever spent writing songs, the most time we’ve ever spent in the studio, and it’s definitely the most fully realized JEFF The Brotherhood record we’ve ever made.”

I could listen to this all day. Pencil March 10th into your Blackberry.


It’s been a great first week in Vancouver. Week two began with Meredith and myself filming a music video! I can’t wait to share it with you? Lots of crawling around on a the pavement in a parkade. I am covered in dust.

Go with yourself.

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Almost an overload of new music today.  Listening to so much good stuff that sorting out and finding homes for it could be a challenge.

Today’s blog post has some guitar rock, some fuzz, some quality stuff.

First up… Alberta Cross.  I was convinced these bros were Canadian… ALBERTA! But the principle is a Swede living in Brooklyn.  of course.

Bossman Johnny sent me a link to the song “ATX.”

Alberta Cross – “ATX”

Download MP3 >> Alberta Cross – ATX

Catchy, guitar rocker.

Zone writer Caleb turned me on to this Southern sludge metal band Baroness.  A band of grown-ups, with kids and life and responsibilities now living in Philadelphia. Their new double album Yellow and Green was just Best New Music’d by Pitchfork and the songs I’ve heard are mighty.

Baroness – “Take My Bones Away”

Download MP3 >> Baroness – Take My Bones Away

I don’t listen to a ton of metal these days… but when I listen to hard rock I prefer the super fuzz.  And some boogie.  And a band that borrows a name from a GI Joe smoke show.

Everything I’ve heard from Baroness so far is quality.  This might have to be a record I invest in.

The record review talks about wanting to listen to the double record in its entirety… and though it may be hard to get Coral onside during our family road trip, I imagine there will be a time, late, when Coral will go to sleep and I’ll be cruising over the Rockies or across the Plains and I’ll get to hit play on this album.

Oh.Ma.Gawd…. another post about fuzz rock band.  I know.  But I can’t get enough of this shit right now.  And produced by The Black Key’s Dan Auerbach… how could I not hit play on Nashville’s JEFF The Brotherhood.

Two interesting things happened to me today that made this record pop out to me in the sea of internet nonsense…

01) During our music meeting today at The Zone I said, “rock and roll should be made by ugly people.”  And JEFF the Brotherhood are beautifully ugly. I see the pictures and graphics of this band and think, I like these guys.

02) I called Coral the sweetest Peach today.  Who says that?  People sick in the brain, that’s who…  then I hit go! on the song “Leave Me Out” from their album Hypnotic Nights… first line… “Pretty as peach…”


JEFF the Brotherhood – “Leave Me Out”

Download MP3 >> Jeff the Brotherhood – Leave Me Out

Now I’ll always think of Coral when I hear this song which will quickly make it a favourite.  I’ll slot this album into my playlist with Cloud Nothings, Japandroids and classic Dinosaur Jr… Fuzzy, poppy… Pitchfork compared them a bit to Weezer.  Yeah, maybe.  Its got the hooks and simple sing-song rhymes.

That’s that.

Go with yourself.

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