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Neat. I grabbed some old boxes form David Eleanor’s basement.  Sitting on the top of one was a couple burned CDs of old Morning After Show audio bits.

Driving around I popped the CDs in.  One just had an old commercial I made for a Smut Peddling Sam show at the Cobalt.  The other had an Amen song? and few live recordings and some hi-jinks from the original Morning After Show days at CiTR.

One of the live cuts was from a guy I used to know and love the music of, Joel Tong.  he performed acoustic music while also fronting a band called Black Rice in the early 2000s.  I used to play his music on my show all the time or fanboy him at local dives when he performed.  It didn’t hurt that Alex may have had a little crush on him too…

Popping in the CD… I hit “skip” on Amen and track two was this old cut.

Joel – “Straight From Hell” (live from the Morning After Show)

Download MP3 >> 02 Straight From Hell

Shit… I remember seeing his band Black Rice with S.T.R.E.E.T.S. and 3 Inches of Blood at the Cobalt many moons ago.  There was a gong on stage?  yeah.

Here is a commercial I made for CiTR to promote a show my band was playing with Your Funeral and my pals in Triple Word Score.  Voiced by QMFM news guy John Hadley!

CiTR Commercial – Your Funeral, Triple Word Score, Smut Peddling Sam

Download MP3 >> 01 Smut Pedlding Sam Concert Commerc 1

That was one of my early Pro-tools adventures.  Good times.

Go with yourself.

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