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Shindig is CiTR’s annual battle-of-the bands adventure. Tonight is the semi-final at a club called Hindenburg.

One of the judges hurt her ankle, and so she asked if I’d judge. Super duper! I haven’t been to Shindig since the early 2000s. Hopefully that gets sorted out and I’ll see you tonight.

The bands tonight are:


Skim Milk

and Poles


See you out there.

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Triple Word Score
Feels like a life time ago… back in the old CiTR days, the Morning After Show used to come on after a show called The Shit Mix hosted by a dude named Jamaal. Me and Jamaal got along all right and I looked up to him….generally because he was a pretty groovy Vancouverite. Always wore great pants.  We were both in bands and his band was called Triple Word Score.  They played a bratty style of punk which was popular at the time and they managed to get themselves signed to Long Beach Records!

We used to play shows together when we could sort it out.  Here is a radio spot I made to promote one of our shows.  I think this is for a March 2001 concert.

What do you thrash?  What do you got?

Go with yourself.

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when its dark
The summer rain last night was very nice.  I decided to go for a walk.  During my walk I thought about the old P:ano record which I thought was called When It Rains and It’s Summer.  But when I got home and punched up my favourite song from the era, “All of November, Most of October” it showed the album was called When It’s Dark and It’s Summer.

Back in the day at CiTR they used to have an old cart machine, and bands who submitted a demo or single on cassette had it dubbed on to a cart.

A single that we loved on The Morning After Show was P:ano’s lo-fi beauty “All of November, Most of October.”

I could listen to this song over and over and over (and still do considering I first heard it maybe back in 2000?)

Enjoy the rain in the summer!

Go with yourself.

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straight from hell
Plucking through my old CDs, I couldn’t find any Joel albums.  That’s a real shame.  The other day CHEK News came down to the radio factory to record Boitano talking about getting a song played on the radio.  An artist from Vancouver named Jay came by to play a song and create a relationship to hopefully get a song considered for radio.

The dude flailed around on his acoustic guitar jamming this wild song.  I flashed back to a performer I remember named Joel.  He had this feral acoustic style that was mighty fun.  I sometimes remember his music and want to listen (always at weird times) and then I think… those records must be buried in storage or lost to time.

I do have one song… a track I blogged about a couple years ago.

This song, “Straight From Hell” I don’t know too much about.  It was recorded when Paul was still doing the Morning After Show with me on CiTR. So 2000? 2001?  Doesn’t matter I guess.

Savage. Go with yourself.

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Holy War
Trolling mighty fine music blog Winnie Cooper today, she had up rock and roll band from Vancouver called Hooves.

Her opening sentence started with “all girl group” and ended with “met at CiTR.”  OK, I’ll click that link and have a listen.

Go with yourself.

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I often talk about my days in college radio at CiTR as the host of The Morning After Show.  Oh the times… circa 1998-2003, playing Canadian punk, metal and indie rock.

When I started there… I was young and dumb.  But it was really fun learning new bands and hanging out with Vancouver’s most groovy folks.

The show before the MAS was called Vengeance is Mine.  It was a PUNK show hosted by a guy named Trevor that had a leg dedicated to tattoos of villainous logos… “Decepticons,” The “Empire” from Star Wars, and “Cobra” from G.I. Joe. He dropped out of radio school (hey, I was going to radio school in the fall!) and he was a cook at the Atlantic Trap and Grill back when it was more divey and cool and less touristy and near the arena and stadium (but actually, still a fun place!).

Trevor was very friendly, loved music, was in a band, and was a huge inspiration on 18 and 19 year old Jeremy.  One of his favourite bands that quickly became my new favourite band was Winnipeg’s Propagandhi.

Propagandhi made the kind of punk rock that punk rockers talk about making but don’t, or sell out.

In 2001 they released Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes.   The album very quickly became the most played record on my radio show.  In fact, almost every radio show started with “Back to the Motor League.”  The times when I couldn’t make the show and Paul flew solo, he played the song first!

Propagandhi – “Back To The Motor League”

Download MP3 >> motorleague

At the time… the song was a party anthem for me.  But I was also 21 and stupid.  Listening now, the song still gets me fired up, but the message remains.  The track talks about the co-opting the punk rock culture by corporations.

Generally Propagandhi are pretty politically charged… so being lectured every song isn’t for everyone… but I find the songs to be a great inspiration, and the energy to be positive.  “Back to the Motor League” remains a favourite party rocker and usually a first play before a big night.

Go with yourself.

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Neat. I grabbed some old boxes form David Eleanor’s basement.  Sitting on the top of one was a couple burned CDs of old Morning After Show audio bits.

Driving around I popped the CDs in.  One just had an old commercial I made for a Smut Peddling Sam show at the Cobalt.  The other had an Amen song? and few live recordings and some hi-jinks from the original Morning After Show days at CiTR.

One of the live cuts was from a guy I used to know and love the music of, Joel Tong.  he performed acoustic music while also fronting a band called Black Rice in the early 2000s.  I used to play his music on my show all the time or fanboy him at local dives when he performed.  It didn’t hurt that Alex may have had a little crush on him too…

Popping in the CD… I hit “skip” on Amen and track two was this old cut.

Joel – “Straight From Hell” (live from the Morning After Show)

Download MP3 >> 02 Straight From Hell

Shit… I remember seeing his band Black Rice with S.T.R.E.E.T.S. and 3 Inches of Blood at the Cobalt many moons ago.  There was a gong on stage?  yeah.

Here is a commercial I made for CiTR to promote a show my band was playing with Your Funeral and my pals in Triple Word Score.  Voiced by QMFM news guy John Hadley!

CiTR Commercial – Your Funeral, Triple Word Score, Smut Peddling Sam

Download MP3 >> 01 Smut Pedlding Sam Concert Commerc 1

That was one of my early Pro-tools adventures.  Good times.

Go with yourself.

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