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mirror manor

Producer Tim Hancock is Mirror Manor. He sent over his remix of K. Flay’s “Blood in the Cut.” The original is a monster modern rock hit on radio…the remix glosses it up for a dancefloor….because the kids don’t dance to rock & roll.

Happy Friday! Go with yourself.

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Lash DJs are a couple young producers from the Dominican Republic. Their remix of K. Flay’s “Blood in the Cut” came down my soundcloud feed and I had to hit play.

“Blood In The Cut” is currently the number one song on Canadian modern rock radio and one of the few rock jams I dare through into my DJ sets. This remix should offer me some greater opportunities to find a slot for it.

I’m throwing in this “We Don’t Talk Anymore” remix because it is pretty good, and has a bunch of spins…over a million on Soundcloud? That’s pretty good. Wait, that’s awesome.

Go with yourself.

***Oh bonus K. Flay remix****

DJ Boitano sent over his fave K Flay remix.

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