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kailee morgue

Ruth from Minnesota shared a new one for us to check out. Some alternative rock from a performer named Kailee Morgue. This is our second listen to her music on this blog.

“There’s a dark contrast,” she affirms. “My first name is Kailee, and it sounds bubbly. I chose Morgue, because it gives you the opposite sentiment. That feeling really comes across in the music.”

Happy Friday! Go with yourself.

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I’ll start with Ruth from Minnesota’s pick… Kailee Morgue and her song “Discovery.”

Then I got a song from Michael. He sent over Kasbo‘s new single because he knows I’m a fan boy that would blog it.

And because you’re a friend of the blog you’ll hit my post about the silly dumb Christmas song me and Mer made. Yeah.


Here’s a pic of my two youngest that my wife texted me yesterday while I doing my radio show. Look at these gremlins!

Go with yourself.

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