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As I have mentioned on this here blog, the Baker Tribe was recently on holiday to the US of A.  We drove The 101 and I-5 down to Disneyland then back up The 1 and 101 to Victoria.

Magical times.  California is a groovy place.  I clearly see why 38 and some odd million people live there.  You can eat In-N-Out Burger whenever you want!  Spoiled, the lot of ya!

My kid is obsessed with Ariel.  When she got to meet her in Fantasyland, well that did it… something totally flew into my eye.  Dust?

Bumped into Jim Carrey at Amoeba Records on Sunset, random… and saw a couple baseball games; Angels vs Athletics then the Giants got dismantled by the Reds.

Roadtrips are great because I love to drive, and I love to zone out listening to music.  I know that roadtrips do something for my creative and spiritual energy but I wasn’t exactly sure what. Then I read this article about how Lifehacking creates more work… the writer quotes the work of Andrew Smart from his book Autopilot:  “our brains seem to be doing a lot of previously undetected work while at rest) to argue that dedicating time to do nothing—literally sitting still and daydreaming—is absolutely necessary if we are to use our mental faculties and stumble upon new and original insights. To innovate, argues Smart, we must learn how to be idle—at a time when most corporations see idleness as a vice. By Smart’s logic, one way to subvert modern capitalism is to simply get as busy as possible: Your creativity will suffer— and you’ll be not much better than a robot, only far less productive.”

My wife and I listened to a lot of stuff.  We had “The World Famous” KROQ on the radio in LA.  I have now heard Imagine Dragons as much as anyone should in a lifetime.  Lots of Lorde “Royals” and weirdly they interrupt their synth pop briefly to play  Avenged Sevenfold? Sure… KROQ is World Famous so I guess they set the tone for the nation.  Driving up to San Francisco, we dialed up Live, “Everything Alternative.”  I think I prefer their style a little more AND they rocked Said The Whale.

One song that I had on a playlist that sounded amazing while drifting up The 101 through the Salinas valley was Daughter’s “Medicine” remixed by The Chainsmokers.

Go with yourself.

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