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Its good to be back

Back from a whirlwind trip to Vancouver to see my buddy Bob and bring Maddy to see Grandma and Grandpa.

Watched some hockey(go Nucks!), ate a mondo Tuna taco on Lonsdale and rolled into the Zone to a few interesting developments.

one.  New music from Tokyo Police Club.  They have a new single on the radio called “Wait Up (Boots of Danger).” and I found a song on their website from the upcoming record Champ (June 8th) that is a free download if you give your email address to them.

Stream: “Wait Up (Boots of Danger
Download: “Breakneck Speed

two. Maybe because it is a Monday… this video hit the spot.  Warning, the new M.I.A. music video for “Born Free” is SAVAGE with extreme violence.

That said, a great film.

Watch: M.I.A. – “Born Free”

It has a style that reminds me of the film “Children of Men.”  It is telling the story of maybe a near future fascist America that has decided they won’t tolerate anymore of a certain type of person… and how they deal with their “problem” group of humans is well… we’ve seen it in histry before, and we’ll see it again.  Like I said, the video is not for the faint of heart.  Very graphic.

Interview with Tokyo Police Club is coming up and I’ll have a new mix on Mixcloud tonight or tomorrow.

Go with yourself.

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