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Marilyn Manson has a new song and right away…my initial reaction is that I like it. The vibe of the new cut, “Third Day of a Seven Day Binge” from his upcoming 2015 record, feels so different from the goth-tinged industrial hard rock that he is known for. The song reminds me of the type of music you might hear on an HBO show…like True Blood or True Detective.

Mr. Manson has been a busy guy lately… principally as an actor. I remember watching Eastbound & Down near the end of the series…and I was like, “Is that Marilyn Manson?”

A different spin for MM for sure…I dig it.

Go with yourself.

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Blinking lights, smoke machine, purple tights and a black mini-skirt/shortshorts on a dude… yup I was at a Marilyn Manson concert… I’ll talk about that in a second but first:

A Zoner named Dylan made me aware of the website Music Under Fire and their list of Phoenix remixes.  What a way to start the night!

Check it out: Music Under Fire

The site also has some Fleet Foxes remixes?  what?  sure I’ll have to listen to those too.

Just got back from the Marilyn Manson concert.  If you were reading my twitter feed… then you’ll know, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the MM experience.

I hate coming down on rock shows because I know that there were many people at the show that LOVED it and I become “that guy” harshing on their buzz, but on the list of shit shows I’ve seen at the arena, if Manson is not the bottom, he then shares it with Sum 41.

Uninspired would be the best word to describe.  The show basically consisted of Manson frolicking around on stage with lights blinking and a smoke machine belching fog for a solid hour.  Admittedly, I am a minor MM fan, but I didn’t recognize any songs till “Dope Show” late in the set.  The vocals were so affected and muddy it was hard to hear the main attraction and there was virtually no production.  No screens, crazy lights, midgets or demons!  I guess expected more from the man than the goth lite served up.  He came, cashed the cheque and will move on to the next show.

The brief moments of energy came from the sparse hits he served up, “Dope Show,” “Sweet Dreams” and the encore “Beautiful People.”  The one song encore of “Beautiful People” was by far the best part of the night.  If the group had that production and energy all show… it would have been a far superior rock show.

From what I learned of the man, he has lots of hats and changes them often on stage (costume changes are totally rock & roll!), knew we’re in Victoria and kept saying, “Victoria!” and he likes to spit water into the crowd.  I ran into a few morning show announcers up past their bed time.  Both Jason and DW were there and after the show I bumped into the Kool FM gang including a giddy Robin!  Pretty rare to ever see any morning radio show announcer out and about on a school night, let alone three of them.  Its like spotting a unicorn riding a leprechaun, rare indeed.

If you are a huge Manson fan, then I am sure the show would have served.  The show had some flashes of awesome but if you’re a moderate to curious fan then I’d put a skip on purchasing tickets to see Manson age poorly on stage.


Finally… FINALLY started reading the text book I acquired on Photoshop.  huzzah.  Maybe one day I’ll be competant.


That’s all I got right now, I wanna make some couscous and think about bed.

Go with yourself.

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David Eleanor sent me this fine 13 questions with…  it brought the lolz.

1. What artist inspired you to create art?
People like Hendrix or greg ginn or Django Reinhardt. People like them don’t
try, they are. Can’t try to be cool…

2. What or who still inspires you to keep on keeping on?
Patrick Swazye, Michael Jackson, The Olsen Twins are cool. Gotta remember to look at the man in the mirror, dude. Don’t forget that, OK?

3.  What would you rather be doing right now?

Your silly facehole.

4.  Give us your best recipe? Let us have it.

5. How old were you when you lost your virginity and how’d it go?

Just days after my 13th birthday & it was better than I hoped it could be. I
’ve been adickted to it ever since.

6. What makes you cringe?
Peter Setera, any form of mob, the kids, people who try to be weird (so they
can tell you they’re so weird), your problems, singing at parties, wearing
orange proudly & things having to do with teeth.

7. If you could pick one super power and it had to be either being able to fly or being able to time travel, which would you go with? And what would you do first with your new found super power? Would you rally on the side of good or evil?
I’d travel through time as captain common sense. I’d render the downtrodden impervious to these stooopid shit, fake rules that lawyers & other douche bags attempt to actualize into existence. We’d laugh more, jivetalk less, be able to shed bitterness faster & remain excited about not knowing it all.

The Good & Evil part I don’t bother with. I leave that to the people who
watch life from a safe enough distance to critique it.

8. Do you have hope for this new generation of kids who worship Lindsay Lohan, suck down TMZ, download music (and have never even owned one cd or lp) and fast food gobbling generation that is in their teenage years right now? Or are they a lost cause?
I just want them kids off ma lawn.

9. Tom Cruise… genius or psycho?
Penis Taco.

10. What in the world is affecting you right now?
Where did all the nooks & crannies go? I wanna hang out at that one place we
used to go to, but everytime I think I know where that is…. Turns out, it’s
just a Body Shop.

11. Tom Jones or Neil Diamond?
Jim Jones & Neil Hamburger.

12. What could you NOT live with out?
Laughter & popcicles.

13. Give the internet some words to live by….
1st off:  I’d like to say congratulations on inheriting Earth, meek.
2nd: The funeral services for the idea, the secret & the surprise, will be
held in yourtube & you’ll have the chance to twitz a broadband stream on my
face party & personally invade my space in real time because of all your
free time… & finally……….The internet stinks of lame more than the fart wind
of  hype it rode in on     .com’ on


That Buddyhead website is alright, how about this article with Marilyn Manson!

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