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 got an email the other day alerting me to a KCRW 4 songs you should listen to right now blog post.  The group they were highlighting is called Gold Spectacles.  The London band is still pretty new, just 300 “likes” on Facebook but some positive hype translating to some spins on soundcloud for their song “Steal You Away.”  I think KCRW called it baroque-pop?  Groovy beat…I could get into this song if I were on a mission.

London is a big place, so it stands to reason we’d hear from another group form the Capital.  New Arcades so a synth dream wave.  I kinda hear some Hot Fuss era Killers on this song “Don’t Let Go.” They say, “Think of blue skies, urban nightlife and hazy sunrises…”


Finally a band from Leeds aping the style of Vampire Weekend.  The group is called Marsicans.  This song is right good fun.

Go with yourself.

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