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I love discovering a new band that I really should have ought to know about. Post-punk I guess is the genre and I guess that is what I like. The band is called Meat Wave.

I was trolling AV Club’s music reviews…. noticed that of all the records they’ve reviewed recently, the lowest rated (The Menzingers) was my favourite on their list. Fuffffff….and bands send me music to “review” on this blog? What are you thinking?

One band I didn’t know, but wanted to after seeing their name was Meat Wave. Glad I clicked the link. Love their style. The Chicago band worked with Steve Albini and makes some quality punk rocking noise!

They say their third record’s inspiration came from the lead singer’s breakup of a 12-year relationship. That’s gotta be rough.

“Run You Out” seems to be the popular share song form their record The Incessant.  From an interview in CLRVYNT, Chris Sutter tlaks about the song.

I think I wrote “Run You Out” about a year ago, maybe a little more than a year ago. It came out of some grand realizations about myself, and how some reflection can be really ugly — and necessary. Confronting, questioning how I had handled things, my desire to escape from a situation. I don’t know — I feel a lot older. It’s crazy to look back on that time, even though it wasn’t that long ago, and to feel removed or aged or different. Some of the past just kind of stings, and I think that’s what getting older is: experiencing life in its madness, looking back on it. Writing that song was like building blocks. Just kept adding around the riff in the chorus. That was the impetus to that song.


Been doing some boxing. Good times.

Go with yourself.

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